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Let It Snow

A selection of Christmas classics performed by Hamish Stuart & Friends.



A few years ago, rather than send Christmas cards to friends and family I thought a little two song cd might make a nice change. I got together with musician friends Steve Pearce (bass) and Ralph Salmins (drums) at Ralph’s studio “The Bunker” with engineer John Gallen to record the two songs I’d half prepared, The Christmas Song and White Christmas, which we came up with a lovely groove for. Since we were already in the studio and having a good time with the ideas we decided to keep going and quickly came up with this little collection.

I wanted to keep it as minimal as possible but we needed a little sweetening here and there so the calls were made to Pete Murray (keys), Steve Sidwell (flugel horn), Jim Mullen (guitar) and my oldest pal Matt Irving (accordion). The instrument combination on all tracks worked beautifully and Ralph added a little glockenspiel and some sleigh bells to to give it a little more seasonal icing.
The concept was for the whole thing to sound very relaxed and low key, like there’s a little group playing in the corner of the room, hence the minimal production. With all that in mind I approached the vocals very gently. Nothing was sung louder than a normal conversation level.

It was interesting visiting these songs, some of which have been around for longer then I have and are imbedded in the festive memory. The melodies are so strong that they practically sing themselves. It was a lot of fun to play around with them, trying to personalise them a little, like turning Winter Wonderland into a sort of Bossa Nova.
So here’s Let It Snow a mini collection of secular Christmas songs which I hope carry the spirit of peace and goodwill.
Merry Christmas.


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Let It Snow



Let It Snow, the Christmas album brought to you by Hamish Stuart, Ralph Salmins and Steve Pearce, on CD.

Signed CD

Signed CD
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Let It Snow, the Christmas album brought to you by Hamish Stuart, Ralph Salmins and Steve Pearce, on CD hand signed by Hamish.

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