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Hardkiss have a long storied history of DJing and music production

Delusions of Grandeur was our first album. Last year, we released a second album titled ‘1991’ which was a direct reference to the year we started Hardkiss.

Many of you will be familiar with our individual DJ styles or you may have heard the rumors.

a) we like to play all kinds of music old and new.
b) you might not hear us play Hardkiss tracks in our DJ sets.
c) those guys are weird

We’ve heard them too. Don’t believe a word of it.

We are genre hoppers, time travelers and are never pleased with being pigeonholed into any genre or fad. The job of a DJ is to move the crowd. Dancing is what it’s all about and no two dance floors are alike. We definitely subscribe to the philosophy that the music must fit the environment. You won’t hear us playing full on club music at a daytime pool party. And we probably won’t play chill out when we get to Vegas.

There are dozens of Hardkiss DJ mixes out there on the Internet. Do you have a favorite one?

Here are two DJ mixes that we recorded last year. Please download them and pass them on to your promoter friends and tell them to bring us to town. If they don’t like us as much as you do, don’t be mad.

We love booty house as much as deep house and we’d love to play at your house.

Again, thanks for all your support.

What's in the Hardkiss Vault?

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We’ve had surprisingly few questions about what’s in the Hardkiss Vault. Seems like everyone is buying the Vault based on extreme faith and hazy recollections of what surfaced between ’91 and ’99.

Truth is that the Vault keeps changing as we unlock hidden archives and dusty DATs.

Our focus is pooling music produced by Gavin, Robbie & Scott Hardkiss. Thus records that were written by others but released on Hardkiss Music (our label) are not included.

There is an element of curation going on so you won’t hear stuff that sounds crap. It has to pass a certain threshold. There were a few Hardkiss remixes released during that era that were suspect. There are others that were amazing but never saw the light of day.

At the risk of getting a cease-and-desist letter from cranky labels and thorny managers, we can tell you for certain that several of these recording will never be available outside of our Pledge campaign because they are not owned by us.

There’s an edit of a remix of a rerub from a guy that was in a band that rhymes with Teatles. And there’s are a few remixes of “Pelton” John including that highly sought after version of “Pocket” Man by Scott Hardkiss. And something that we really really like (but got buried) by “Zazzy” Star.

The Vault is up to 65 tracks and growing, including the following:

God Within – The Phoenix (Original White Label Mix)
Hardkiss & Kool Keith – Sharks and Mermaids
Robbie Hardkiss – Champagne Beat Boogie
Hawke – Namaquadisco (album)
God Within – Crucial Introspection EP
Robbie Hardkiss – Don’t Touch That
Hawke & God Within – Acid Funk
Little Wing – Lightheaded EP

Plus Hardkiss remixes for Lords of Acid, The Sandals, One Dove, The Grid, Secret Knowledge, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Freestylers & The Incredible Moses Leroy.

Plus our first recordings that were released as HK001 – The Magikal Sounds of The San Francisco Underground.

Plus unreleased tracks from those early sessions.

And much much more +