Please Pre-Order via Bandcamp NOT HERE!

We are so grateful for your support and we can’t wait to deliver this album to you!

However, we no longer want you to order it here because Pledge has recently made some announcements that, quite frankly, are appalling. The way they’ve treated artists in this situation is simply unacceptable. Given their announcement, they must have known months ago that there was a problem, yet they allowed artists to continue to create new campaigns. Even after they were forced to make a statement about their situation, they continued taking pledges from fine music lovers like you. Now they tell us that they have temporarily suspended all campaigns and claim to be doing the “right thing.”

Well, we’ve also done the right thing! We’ve moved to https://harpdogbrown.bandcamp.com/album/for-love-money

That’s right, we’ve moved our campaign to Bandcamp. So far we’ve just added the download, CD and Vinyl but we’ll be adding other options very soon. We’ve done our research and listened to testimonials from many other artists and we are very confident that Bandcamp will treat you right and treat us right too. If you’re reading this update, that means you’ve already purchased a pre-order. Rest assured that we will fulfil your entire order regardless of the status of the despicable operations of Pledge. Their claim to be “for artists, by artists” is really just a load of crap.

We were not doing this for Money. We’re just trying to share the LOVE. After investing thousands of dollars and countless hours to produce this fantastic record, it is very disheartening to have to deal with this scenario. Nevermind the hours it took just to create this campaign to share with you and now to recreate it elsewhere. Like Harpdog says, the album is called For Love & Money – and in that order! What’s the point of having money without love. The world needs more LOVE!

What we would LOVE from you is for you to share the new campaign with all our friends and music-lovers. Let’s show these scoundrels that they can’t get away with treating artists so ignorantly. Let’s make this campaign a success without them. It would be really cool if there were enough pre-orders to land Harpdog in the heat-seeker charts on album release day April 26, 2019. It is possible and we still have time! That would send a great message and would be something we can all be proud of.

Please share the link below with anyone and everyone through whatever means you can. https://harpdogbrown.bandcamp.com/album/for-love-money

Thank you.

Posted on behalf of Harpdog Brown by
Ken Simms
ThinkTank Music Network

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