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Pre-order my first solo record 'To The Bone' plus goodies


of goal

Hi dear friends,

I am excited to share with you some of my new songs and what I’ve been up to.
I have been writing this record for a year and have begun the recording process. This is an invitation to get on the Bone-train early on and be with me for this journey of making my first solo album. I can’t wait to share it with you!

I met sound-engineer-extraordinaire Marcel van Limbeek in September, two months ago, and am very chuffed to be working with him on my record. We have a dream to get in the studio with musicians and play live to capture it all fully. Here’s where you come in. By pre-ordering my album, or any other juicy bits you fancy, it enables us to pay musicians, studio time, cover the mixing & mastering costs and bring this record to life.

It is a changing music industry today and we as artists find ourselves open to new paths for our music to travel from our hearts + minds out to the people who count.

This amazing Pledge format enables me to embrace the changes, becoming adaptive and being closer to you. To quote the gifted Rachael Yamagata, who has run great campaigns on Pledge, this is “my new fav way of returning the artist and fan direct to the driver’s seat – that means YOU and ME.”

So here’s how you can be part of this:

Make a pledge.
You can pre-order the digital album and you will receive it in advance of release downloaded straight to your iPhone, computer and Flintstone brick. You are now part of the team and have access to all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans. If you see anything else that takes your fancy in the shop below, go for it.

Link and authorize your Facebook and Twitter.
You become the voice of this project. Reach out to your lovely friends, family and next door neighbours. (Unless you’d rather leave the neighbours out of it.)

Over the course of making this album you get more and more succulent stuff via your ‘all access pass’.

Reaching the moon.
If we make our goal, 5% of any further pledges will go to the Born Free Foundation. It is a charity very close to my heart, supporting the freedom and safety of wild animals.

Ding dong the postman is here.
Once we make our target, we are going to work our socks off and pump our heart muscles to complete the record this year. Then artwork and printing takes place, radio set up, then we will get these deliveries in your boxes asap. In the meantime, you will have your access-pass to hearing a lot secret stuff way before anyone else.

My heartfelt thanks for your support. I hope to see you soon down the road!
Hattie xx

Campaign video:
Sound: Marcel Van Limbeek @MNvanLimbeek
Keyboards: James McVinnie @jamesmcvinnie
Percussion: Pedro Segundo @Pedro2Segundo
Sound engineer: Gianluca Capacchione

Video by Barry Hoffman
Video sound: Paddy Banks

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Born Free Foundation.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: 'To The Bone' - digital download

'To The Bone' - digital download

New solo album ‘To The Bone’ made exclusively available to download for ‘Pledgers’ one week before anyone else. When you ‘Pledge’ for this you get an all access pass to behind-the-scenes content of the making of ‘To The Bone’ throughout the campaign.

'The Pre-order On-boarder Package'

'The Pre-order On-boarder Package'
All gone!

CD ‘To The Bone’ and a limited edition post card

'Here Comes The Sun'

'Here Comes The Sun'
All gone!

Signed CD ‘To The Bone’ and a limited edition post card

'Signed Sealed Delivered'

'Signed Sealed Delivered'
All gone!

Signed special edition poster with exclusive artwork

'The Mystery Box'

'The Mystery Box'
All gone!

…want to take a lucky dip? Have a trove of goodies delivered to your door.

'The Warrior Package'

'The Warrior Package'
All gone!

Signed CD, a signed special edition poster and post card. You also get access to download a song one month in advance of release.

'Full Crazy Bundle'

'Full Crazy Bundle'
All gone!

In one foul swoop, a bounty of treasures with a handmade secret surprise from Hattie.  Extra perk includes an exclusive download of live gig footage. Full ingredients: signed CD, signed poster, post card, song download 1 month in advance of release, digital album 1 week in advance, handmade secret surprise from Hattie, exclusive live gig download.)

'Hand to Hand'

'Hand to Hand'
All gone!

Receive a hand written signed lyric sheet made by Hattie of a song of your choice. Plus a signed physical album and a limited edition post card

'Secret Session'

'Secret Session'
All gone!

An invitation to a pre-release listening party live in the studio in London with Hattie and engineer Marcel Van Limbeek. Hear the album before anyone else!  Be a part of a question and answer session.  You will also get a dedication in the album notes.

One per person.

'Harping on'

'Harping on'
All gone!

Signed Stoney End ‘Eve’ harp. This is the harp Hattie plays. You will also get a dedication in the album notes

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