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Secret Handshake

Clever Songs for Troubled Times on Transformer USB Drives (Mastered by Grammy-Winner Phil Nicolo)


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Blending and bending musical genres, Headsnack delivers powerful yet entertaining messages that are both socially and politically aware. He has a sound that’s all his own but if you must categorize, consider it the love child of Run the Jewels and Weird Al (though Headsnack is not a parodist).

His tasty beats are meticulously crafted into a wholly original sound that fuses elements of hip-hop, rock, pop, funk, and jazz. This is deep sample manipulation wizardry mixed with live instrumentation.

Lyrically, call it alternative Hip-Hop with a conscience. Headsnack explores the trappings of our daily routines through clever wordplay and unforgettable hooks. Addressing the major issues of our time through a comic lens, Headsnack manages to tackle heady, weighty topics with humor and positivity.

His songs are catchy, fun, sometimes weird, sometimes hardcore, always honest, and often educational. Feast on these delicious cerebral treats to elevate your consciousness.

Headsnack is signed to Grammy-winning producer, Phil Nicolo’s label, Phil’s Records. Phil Nicolo is known for having worked with John Lennon, Sting, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Billy Joel and Diana Ross.

Phil, the mastering engineer on “Secret Handshake”, describes Headsnack as having “captivating tracks deserving several listens to peel back the layers of complexity.”

Now you can be a part of history by purchasing an advance copy of “Secret Handshake” and in turn, getting rewarded with loads of cool extras such as 8GB of goose-bumping earworms on a transformer thumb drive! Funds will go towards defraying the costs of mastering and purchasing the Transformer USB drives.

This goes without saying, but you’ll also receive unbounded gratitude and appreciation from Headsnack!! What are you waiting for? Pledge today and become part of the solution!

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AccessPass included with all items!

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AccessPass: AccessPass - "Secret Handshake" lyric & instrumental albums

AccessPass - "Secret Handshake" lyric & instrumental albums

Digital download of “Secret Handshake” lyric AND instrumental albums in high quality WAV file and MP3 formats with a 26-page digital booklet PDF and Headsnack’s “10 Steps to Freedom” PDF.

Headsnack “Secret Handshake” – In WAV & MP3 formats
Headsnack “Secret Handshake” – Instrumentals in WAV & MP3 formats
26-page digital booklet including lyrics
Headsnack’s “10 Steps to Freedom” PDF

Headsnack Discography in High Quality Wav Format

Headsnack Discography in High Quality Wav Format

In addition to AccessPass, this package includes:
The Complete Regenerated Headpiece catalog in 16-bit WAV file format (5x better quality than MP3).

“Rat Race Vacation”
“The New Animal”
“Souvenirs, Novelties, & Party Tricks XE”
(over 80 tracks in all)

Before “Secret Handshake”, Headsnack was a member of the seminal NYC underground band, Regenerated Headpiece (RHP). RHP played hundreds of dates including opening up for the legendary Public Enemy and collaborating with them on a few songs.

"Secret Handshake" Fully-loaded 8GB Transformer USB Drive

"Secret Handshake" Fully-loaded 8GB Transformer USB Drive
4 left

Loaded with all materials from AccessPass and Headsnack Discography, as well as over 30 Headsnack ringtones.

Two different styles: You will be randomly assigned either the Leopard or Panther based on your spirit guide.

"Secret Handshake" 12" Clear Vinyl (Secret Sequence) Bundle

"Secret Handshake" 12" Clear Vinyl (Secret Sequence) Bundle
4 left

Includes all items from AccessPass, Headsnack Discography, and “Secret Handshake” Transformer packages in addition to:
1. A personalized video recording from Headsnack to you!
2. “Secret Handshake” (Secret Sequence) 180g Clear Vinyl with Artwork.

Note: (Secret Sequence) is a 36 minute editor’s cut of the album. To preserve the audio quality of 33 rpm vinyl, each side is limited to 18 minutes. Not to worry as all songs will be present on the Transformer USB drive.

USB Drive and all digital assets delivered immediately upon completion of campaign. Vinyl to follow 3-6 weeks later.

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