Happy New Year 2018 and performing at NAN for MLK Day

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Hey loves,
thank you sooo much for being on the journey with me of healing the world one song at a time! And for your patience! The new plan is to record the last 3-4 songs this year, release 2 of the songs in 2018 and the whole EP in January of 2019…. But BEFORE the official release I will release the whole EP to YOU! Because you have been waiting for it for so long! It seems like a long time coming, but it actually is not when you know all the things that go on behind the scenes in preparing for it.

In case you are not receiving my bi-weekly newsletter (sign up here: http://rosebartu.com/), you missed my whole story of performing at the National Action Network on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day after an amazing line-up of politicians like Mayor Bill del Blasio and Governor Cuomo, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer and so many more, Reverend Al Sharpton…. It was such an incredible honor to premiere my song FREEDOM there!

I also met Skip Dillard from the radio station WBLS – an urban adult contemporary FM radio station in New York City – who is now interested in playing my song on the radio station, possibly for Black History Month in February.

I hope your new year started well! It has been quite work intense for me and I just got my second cold/virus this winter. But I will make sure it won’t last as long as the last one, which forced me to reschedule my next recording session to February ;-)

Sending love, light and joy out to all of you!

from your
Rose Bartu

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