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New Album 2015


of goal

Hi there,

Last month I started putting down some tracks for a new album. I’m really excited to be recording my new songs, and am loving working with Jay Clifford and Josh Kaler – two very creative musician/producers. It’s sounding great so far. I’d love for you to be a part of this project, and by pre-ordering your copy of the album here or pledging on these exclusive items you will be helping to fund my new album. As I am now an independent artist, I find this a wonderful way to make a record – directly involving the people who want the music, cutting out the middle man (record label) and thereby maintaining creative control. It’s so direct and I love having that relationship with you. :-)

I am not going to say too much about the album at this point, as it is simply a collection of songs I’ve written over the last year or so, that I just want to bring to life in the most raw and beautiful way I can. No big concepts, just music from the heart that will hopefully speak for itself…..

I have put together a selection of items, many of which were suggested to me by you (on Facebook) so thanks for the ideas! I hope you will find something that is of personal value to you, something that feels special and exclusive and that will make pledging that much more meaningful to you.

The money raised will go towards paying for :
studio and gear hire, producer and musician fees, travel, mixing and mastering, manufacturing, artwork and photos (so excited about the designer I will be working with for the artwork), videos and of course fulfilling and mailing out the pledge items.

In addition, I will give a percentage of all funds raised after the goal is reached to the charity “War Child”. This charity speaks to me because they are helping the most innocent and vulnerable victims of war – children. And with so much conflict in the world right now this is of utmost importance.

Thank you so much in advance for your ongoing support. It truly means the world to me to know there are people out there awaiting a new record. That connection is what keeps me wanting to share my music.

Heather x

PS While some items may seem expensive, please bear in mind that after Pledge’s 15%, manufacture, packaging and posting as well as 17%VAT tax the profit is not great. For example – a cd costing 15 euros gives me a profit of 1.63 euros. I think it’s always good to know the breakdown :-)

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to War Child UK.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Download of New Album + updates

Download of New Album + updates

You don’t want to wait for the post – get the download on release day so you can enjoy it right away.  

Postcard from Bermuda

All gone!

I will send you a handwritten postcard from Bermuda to thank you for your contribution"

Demos of the New Album


Digital download of a collection of the demos from the new album plus download of the new album. You get to hear the songs as I wrote them – completely raw – just me on guitar or piano, before I took them into the studio.

Live acoustic recordings


You get an mp3 download of 2 of Heather’s 2014 acoustic concerts. (She will choose the 2.)

Mp3 of “The SorrowJoy”, my poetry book set to ambient music


Mp3 of Heather’s spoken word/poetry cd put to ambient music, “The Sorrowjoy”

Vip access

All gone!

Get behind the scenes at the concert of your choice (tour dates to be announced later in the year). Meet up with me backstage after the show for a chat and a cup of tea! Also includes a signed new album and a pledgers only laminate designed by heather.

Live acoustic recordings with hand painted cover

All gone!

Live recording of one of Heather’s 2014 acoustic gigs on a cd with an original hand drawn cover dedicated to you!

Original 9x12 charcoal drawing

Original 9x12 charcoal drawing
All gone!

I love to draw and paint and you can own one of my original charcoal drawings. Signed on the front, and dedicated on the back to you or someone of your choosing. These are examples of my work (these particular ones are not for sale). I’m starting to work now on the drawings and will post photos as they are done.

Original handpainted "Spirit in You" ep covers

All gone!

When I originally did these back in 1992 (or was it 93?) I painted just over 1000 of them and saved about 10 back for myself. Now all these years later I am putting 3 of them up to be pledged on. Note, these are not the reissued ones that were printed blank on shiny paper. These are originals on art paper. The reason the price is high is that I’ve seen how much they go for ebay!! Also includes a dedication inside the cover and a signed copy of the new album.

Original painting

All gone!

I love to draw and paint and you can own one of my original paintings. Painted on canvas board, Signed on the front, and dedicated on the back to you or someone of your choosing.

Cover song of your choice

All gone!

I will record (home acoustic recording) my take on a cover song of your choosing and create a hand drawn cd cover for it dedicated to you or someone you choose! Includes signed copy of the new cd. To be delivered in Spring 2015. Please specify with your pledge which song you would like so i can start learning it!

Custom written song

All gone!

I will write a song for you or someone you want to gift it to. You give me the details and i will write and record a song that will capture an event or a moment in your life. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or just a story you want put into a song. Note – the song composition and recording copyright will belong to me in full but it will be created for you to enjoy personally as entertainment only. It cannot be re-used or shared online publicly but it can be shared in person with your family and friends. I will send you the song in mp3 and cd format. The cd will have a hand drawn cover. (by me!) Includes signed copy of new album, signed vinyl,  and a skype call with me to discuss details! There are only 2 of these available because writing a song is something I take a lot of time over! To be delivered by summer 2015.

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