"High Five" is complete! All pledges fulfilled! On iTunes, Amazon and more!

THANK YOU again and again for your patience and generosity in helping us to create “High Five”, the album of our dreams. We hope that you will LOVE it!

As of today, ALL pledges have been fulfilled, and are on their way to you this week. In case you’re reading this and somehow didn’t get a copy of the album or want to tell a friend about it (and why wouldn’t you?) please share these links:

Download Only:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/high-five/id1060286616
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/High-Five-Adventure/dp/B0186EZN1M

Physical CD:
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/highadventure5

We would LOVE to hear your feedback as you get to know the new music. Please consider leaving an album review or rating on any of the above sites.

Until the next project (in whatever form that may take) We. Thank. You.

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High Five - The New Album

Dear Pledgers, We in High Adventure are very proud to present to you our brand-new studio album entitled "High Five". It was a wonderful, joyful, and creative process made possible by YOU! If you ordered a physical version of the CD, those should start shipping out by the end of the month, but we wanted to get you the music to start enjoying right away. We hope that you love it! Everyone in the band is super proud of the work that we did, and feel like it's the best thing we've ever created. We've been working on this music for the past year and a half, so it's a very exciting moment to finally be able to share it with our fans. Thank you all again for your support and enjoy!

"High Five " Album Cover Revealed!

Dear Pledgers; with only 10 days to go until the official worldwide release of “High Five” we are thrilled to finally reveal to you our brand new album cover.

This masterpiece was created by world-renowned Star Wars action figure customizer and friend of the band, Brian Fulton, aka Darth Daddy. Read all about how this incredible piece came together and subscribe to his blog here:


The cover image was photographed by Andrew Kraemer, a fellow musician and toy/comic enthusiast who jumped at the chance to see Brian’s work first hand. Check out Andrew’s jaw-dropping work at https://instagram.com/litmusound

The album has officially gone into production and will be delivered in time for our final show of the year at Super Megafest in Framingham, MA on Saturday, November 21st. We will have CDs in hand at this show and hope to see many of our friends there. Pledgers will see their rewards in the mail shortly after that.

Thank you again for affording High Adventure the opportunity to make the album of our dreams, and the patience to make sure that it came out perfect.

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Only A Few Hours Left To Pre-Order "High Five!"

Thank you again to all of our wonderful pledgers who helped make this album a reality, we can’t thank you you enough, and we are SO excited to share all of this new music with you. The tracks are ready to go, the artwork is ready to go, and we are going to print in a matter of days. This will be the best product that High Adventure has ever produced, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Over a year of writing, 6 months or recording and mixing, 4 months of sculpting and painting the masterpiece that is the album cover, countless gigs all over New England road testing the new material, and it all ends in a few hours.


More updates to follow. Exciting times are ahead. Thank you for being a part of the journey. Here is the final running order for the 14 new songs on “High Five”.

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Meet The Artists #3: Tracy Walton

Tracy Walton is the engineer and owner of On Deck Sound Studio in Northfield, CT, where “High Five” was recorded. The band has been working with Tracy on the album since the PledgeMusic campaign was launched back in March 2015. Being a studio engineer basically means that Tracy runs the show. He recorded the music, mixed the songs, and mastered the final CD (which sounds amazing, BTW) It is a challenging job, especially with a large 8-piece band like High Adventure, but a good engineer is patient, puts in the long hours, and is able to work quickly and efficiently. Luckily for us, Tracy was all of those things and more. He was incredible to work with, and did a fantastic job on the album.

If you are a musician or a band in the CT area, you owe it to yourself to check out Tracy’s setup over at On Deck Sound Studio. http://ondecksound.com

A bass player and singer in his own right, Tracy performs all over New England with his duo Belle Of The Fall, with fellow musician and singer Julia Autumn Ford. Check out their music at https://www.facebook.com/belleofthefall

Thanks to Tracy, the new album is finished and coming your way soon. Only 3 days left to pre-order the CD or any of the exclusives! That link again: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/highadventure

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Only 5 Days Left to Pre-Order "High Five"!

Dear Pledgers and Friends,

The wait is almost over! After months of hard work, we have finished recording and mixing the album and are into the final mastering process this week, which means we’re right on track for our release date of November 21st. Pledgers who ordered the downloadable version of “High Five” will start seeing an email within the next week to get their music. Anyone who ordered a physical copy of the album or any of the exclusives will start seeing their rewards in the mail a few weeks after that. You will be notified by email as these begin to ship.

Pre-orders for “High Five” end in less that 5 days at midnight on October 31st. Pledgers have until then to change or increase their pledge if they so desire. If you have friends that would love High Adventure, please share this project with them right away! Thanks again for being part of this journey with us.

That link again: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/highadventure

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