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Lacey Medlock

Lacey Medlock commented

This might sound really dumb, but how do I get the album artwork to show up in my iTunes library/on my iPod? It shows up as a black box in my library and a white box on my iPod.

Alexandra Helfrich

Alexandra Helfrich commented

SO CLOSE TO ALBUM! I cannot wait until I get mine! Anything to hear Andrew Volpe's voice singing again :D

Artist response
Andrew Volpe

Andrew Volpe commented

Whatever you want. I'll just sign the bottom. Probably makes more sense to have it coming from me....

Thomas Cheney

Thomas Cheney commented

For the greeting card, do I address the message from me or as if it's coming from you?

Steven  Seals

Steven Seals commented

I wanted to add more details about the song you're go too write us, if you don't mind. So conjoined superhero twins (Steven and Stanley Seals) who are faced with their greatest challenge yet, defending earth against Werewolves from outerspace. Please feel free to add what ever your imagination comes up with to make this the greatest song ever heard. Like something you'd hear from Ludo. I was also wondering about the length of the song. Will be an average 3-4 minute song? Thank you Andrew, you're the best.


Jacob commented

How often do you go to Great America? Should I pay an uncomfortable amount of attention to strangers whenever I go there on the off chance that I can find and stalk a time traveler?

Where do you sit on a roller coaster; front? back? wherever the line is shortest?

Will you be there this friday? If so, what will you be wearing? If not...what will you be wearing?

Diane Gensler Block

Diane Gensler Block commented

The portrait that Dr. Hot painted for Erica is so incredible! Beautifully done! Andrew is so extremely talented! WOOHOO!! BEST GIFT EVER!!


Rob commented

Dear Dr. Hot,

Is there any chance you can use your time travel magics to grow your daughter up, so that we can get a duet on the album? no? drat.

Anyway, I pledged for a whole bunch of stuff because A: this all seems pretty cool, and B: I couldn't think of a better way to thank you for such an awesome show in NYC last month. Next time you see the non-Hot-Problems affiliated members of Ludo, pass along my message of "you rock".

Good luck with the project!



gata commented

Was wondering: how much longer do we have to pledge? :)

Roger T.

Roger T. commented


So glad to see that you guys made it over 100%. I wish I could've been apart of this, but unforeseen circumstances have rendered me unable to drop the cash for the soundtrack. Can't wait to buy the new album (I should have money by the time it's released *knocks on fake college wood*) and hope to see you in any capacity down in Florida someday (whether it be during a Hot Problems concert or in the form of your clone who just so happens to be in another band out there...)!