Want Andrew Volpe's Guitar? You Can Have It!

That’s right, babies! As the PledgeMusic campaign winds down, I’ve decided to put my very own Fender American Fat Strat electric guitar up as an exclusive!

RIGHT NOW, MY GUITAR CAN BE YOURS! The very same guitar that I played in the studio for two albums! The very same guitar that I played onstage at hundreds of shows for years! And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the very same guitar that I licked, humped, drop-kicked, sweated on, and pretended was a science-fiction weapon while gyrating onstage and pretending to be a Ghostbuster! And every once in awhile, I strummed it poorly.

If you pledge for it, I’ll sign this bad boy, make it out to you, and then ship it to your house. You can do whatever you want with it, just as long as you do it lovingly. It’s my baby, after all. Single tear…..

But you have to hurry and snatch it up quickly before someone else does! And there are only TWELVE DAYS LEFT in the campaign! So if you want my guitar (or if you know someone who might), now is your chance. Just go here and look at the exclusive at the bottom of the page:


Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll tell you anything you want to know about it. I look forward to sharing its majesty with you.

Dr. Hot