One last thing....I know I can count on you!

I realize this is the LAST thing on your minds are we approach this holiday weekend.
However; this will only take a moment and go a LONG way towards helping us towards our goal.

Take a moment, click this link and then click “follow” Hudson K on Spotify!

Well, for one I’m making awesome playlists that I think you might enjoy. There is one that contains the music that inspired this record. It’s named “Dark Electronica.” There is another I made for running titled “Ultimate Running Playlist” and has a picture of Jack my dog on it!
Second: bands like us depend on listener awareness on platforms like Spotify. Our numbers count towards venues deciding to book us, revenue coming in to help make more music AND our ultimate goal of building a team.

If you want to go one step further and appease the algorithm gods, add one of our songs to one of YOUR playlists!

Hey! Notice that the new record isn’t even available yet on Spotify! The rest of the world will get to hear it in April of 2018!


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AccessPass Update

Your VIP tickets and Hudson K merchandise!

Greetings! The VIP Concert is tomorrow! Here are some details: *The show is at the Pilot Light on Jackson Avenue in the Old City in Knoxville, TN. *You do NOT need to print a ticket. We will ha...


WOW! What a ride that was. Thank you to everyone who jumped on board and encouraged us along this path. We are grateful, inspired and motivated by your support. The love we felt throughout the course of this campaign has been a game changer. I’m still working through the emotions, but I’m pretty sure I will find the words sometime this week to express this gratitude.

For now I am busy ordering shirts, finalizing artwork for the CD (thanks Susan!!!!), printing posters and developing an ass-kicking release show for our VIP pledgers. We’ve got some fun surprises and special guests in store for you. I’m also taking suggestions on cheeses. Yup, cheese. What kind of cheese do we want to go with our champagne? I love cheese.

I just wanted to update you and let you know we DID IT and there is a place for independent musicians in this world.

Stay tuned for a follow up video from me and Nate……


Today is our LAST DAY! Tickets are SOLD OUT but we still have CDS and VINYL.

With 12 hours left to go, I’m happy to announce we have sold out of tickets to the Release show!

If you didn’t get one we will be giving away a couple pairs of tickets tonight during our telethon.
We will also be giving away one more test press!

You are the owner of our first Test Pressing from United Record Pressing.

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who got us this far. I believe that people want good music and it’s inspiring to know that they are still willing to invest in it.

This is the final push! We need you to the very end.

Today is also Father’s Day. Happy day to all you awesome Dads out there…the ones that are still with us and the ones that we remember and carry in our hearts forever. It was my one-of-a-kind Poppop that pushed me to follow my dreams and I’m pretty sure I can sense his presence with every new step I take.


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Blondie 2010.

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BABY FACE (2010)

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Sometime in 2012…

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Halloween from 2013?

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The fuzzy vest phase. 2013 ish.

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This was the year I discovered the Korean Dollar Store.

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Art POP! With Claire and TJ.

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Bonnaroo 2015!

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What IS that? Oh, it’s Wendy Seaward Halloween 2016.