Pledge Music Has Stolen Your Money

Sadly, Pledge Music has taken all the money they raised from many, many artists, and has spent it all, leaving us with nothing.

And because all merchandise ordered through my successful Pledge Music campaign has already been shipped out, there is no way to process refunds. There simply is no money.

I’m very grateful to everyone who pledged their support for “Ice Worlds”. The record has been a great success, garnering rave reviews and widespread national airplay. Unfortunately, though, it looks as though I will likely not ever receive the money that was pledged.

Going forward, I will be setting up a subscription service through my own web site so that Super Fans can stay connected to me, and stay involved in the creative process. Fans will have exclusive access to new music long before it is commercially released, as well as live streaming from the studio, and other exclusive content. This will be much better than any “crowdfunding” website like Pledge Music, etc.

Thanks again for your support. I deeply appreciate it. If the day comes that Pledge Music contacts me and pays what they owe, I will let everyone know.

Kevin Keller

AccessPass Update

Radio Airplay has begun!

With your generous assistance, I was able to get ICE WORLDS completed on time. CDs were mailed out to radio shows a couple weeks ago, in advance of the release date, and I’m happy to say that nati...


I’m very excited to announce that this project has reached its funding goal, the album is mastered, and the CDs are now in production!

Thank you so much to everyone who pledged.

This store will remain open until Jan. 31, and there are many EXCLUSIVE items available. The T-shirts, posters, and postcards are only available through Pledge Music, and once the store closes on Jan. 31, they’ll be gone forever.

Here’s a preview of the complete “Ice World 5”. Enjoy!


AccessPass Update

75% funded - Mastering is complete!

As of today, the project has hit 75% of the funding goal, just $385 short of what we need. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with your pledges and support. I just heard from Chris, t...