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Anyone know where I can download the live album? I missed the purchase date due to ill health! Thanks in Advance

Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson commented

Have all of the vinyl copies to the US been sent out yet? Should I have received it by now? I'm waiting but wondering. Thanks.

Stephen Crummey

Stephen Crummey commented

I don't think any of the vinyls have shipped yet, anywhere, I was wondering myself. Was wondering about this myself. I'm in the UK and still haven't got mine either. They did say it would be a bit later though so hopefully soon.

Christopher Leonard

Christopher Leonard commented

Hi, i have got my physical copy, love it. Have just done the download too, but the track data is all missing and for some reason i can't change any of it - album titles, year, artist etc. Was this all locked off in the files?

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke commented

I was tracking the release of the live album for a while, was absolutely going to buy it and looking forward to it. But I've stupidly missed the pre-order and now can't see an option to buy anywhere!? I thought it was just a pre-order and not a one time only buying period. Will this come back to buy or download? I really hope so! :-(

James Billington

James Billington commented

Yeah, totally with you on this... Arrrggghh!

James Pillar

James Pillar commented

The Live Album plus the bonus songs and acoustic set is great, really good sound. A little sad that "Every Little Means Trust" was not included...any chance it will turn up somewhere???

Simon Douglas

Simon Douglas commented

I'm quite disappointed by Love Steals Us From Loneliness not making the cut, considering how well known a song it is and how great it has sounded on the last few tours with the extended, instrumental ending.

Robb Johannes

Robb Johannes commented

Just got my download code, and waiting for vinyl. So very excited! Thanks lads!

Gof Aftn

Gof Aftn commented

Any chance of adding some more signed 2 CD sets? Missed out on the earlier ones but would love to add this to my other signed Idlewild albums.

James Billington

James Billington commented

Hi all. Can't wait for this... Any idea when the tracklisting will be published?

Neil Younger

Neil Younger commented

Would it be possible to upgrade my signed CD to signed vinyl? I finally got a record player as a Christmas present and would love to get the vinyl version instead.


Stefan commented

Hey guys, almost two months ago I ordered the tshirt and the signed copy of the cd. But right now it says that "the payment is incomplete" (I paid I am sure of that, it even says I paid!) andI am worried that I won't get it. I contacted the customer service a couple of weeks ago but they didn't answer yet. Help me, please! :)