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Calling Mover Nation

Imagination Movers want YOU 2B part of its 9th album+DVD. Support who we are & what we are about plus it benefits NDSS.


of goal

Dear Mover Nation –

For the past ten years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating treacle-free children’s music and videos that the whole family can enjoy together. We pride ourselves on our Emmy Award-winning TV show and the real, live rock concerts we perform around the world. Through it all, we encourage our fans to exercise their bodies and brains.

Right now, the Movers are about to record our ninth album and we want YOU to be an integral part of its creation. We’re asking our awesome fans to consider contributing to our first ever PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds to help produce the new Movers CD/DVD. Think of this as a PRE-SALE for our new content. We hope we can count on your support!

We’ve been hard at work in the songwriting room creating a new batch of soon-to-be-classic Movers songs. These include “Growing Up,” a foot-stomper that tells the story of how quickly a little kid turn into a big kid; “Errands,” an ode to being stuck in your seat all afternoon; and “Big Hola,” about making friends in every language.

We’ve also been dreaming up new video content that will include live concert footage and may mean the return of Robert Evergreen, Catnip and Catnap; the Grumpy Old Man and other favorites. We’re all hoping the didgeridoo guy makes a cameo but the only way to reach him is via homing pigeon, so we’ll have to let you know ….

Naturally, we want the album to sound as good as it possibly can so we will be working with Ben Mumphrey (The Pixies, Frank Black, Ben Harper) who will be engineering the album and recording it at Studio in the Country.

So how do you participate?

Please take a minute to review all of the imaginative exclusives we’re offering in exchange for different pledges. Pick your favorite exclusive and make a contribution. It’s that simple!

Because this is a fan-funded project, we’re making ourselves as accessible as ever and offering tons of exclusive items & experiences that are only available to pledgers. These include handwritten lyric sheets, signed merchandise, your name in the album credits, postcards from a Mover and tons more stuff. We will offer Skype sessions and personalized videos for special occasions. Heck, a Mover will even make a video teaching you the chord changes for any of our songs or create for you a one-of-a-kind, personalized work of art.

The most extravagant pledge exclusive? The Movers will come play a concert at your house!

And finally, all pledgers will also receive exclusive bonus songs that won’t appear on the finished album. This includes a FIRST: a Movers song especially for the parents!

When you pledge, you will also receive access to exclusive video content: interviews, studio footage, and a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going into creating this album and DVD. Best of all, you will also help us name the project by sending in your suggestions and voting for your favorite.

Beyond just raising funds, a percentage of your pledge will go to support the National Down Syndrome Society. As National Partners of the Buddy Walk program we try to do more than talk the talk and this is one more example of our commitment. Remember when you pledge, the objective of this campaign is to show everyone that with the support of the Mover nation, together we can create and do something truly special.

Without your support for who we are and what we do, we simply couldn’t be able to continue.

Much love and respect,
Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty

3% of goal
6% post goal
3% of goal and 6% of any money raised after that will go to National Down Syndrome Society.

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AccessPass: New Mover Music!

New Mover Music!

We’ve returned to our indie-roots and have been hard at work creating a new batch of 10-12 soon-to-be-classic Imagination Movers songs.

New Album on CD/DVD

New Album on CD/DVD

The new album available on CD/DVD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates. DVD component will be compatible in all regions with NTSC & PAL players.

Signed CD/DVD

Signed CD/DVD

Our new CD/DVD – marking our 9th release – autographed by your boys in blue. DVD component will be compatible in all regions with NTSC & PAL players.

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