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AccessPass: The New Album + an IvR Ringtone

The New Album + an IvR Ringtone

A $10 donation gets you a download of the New Album upon its summer release, and an IvR ringtone so you can keep us in your pocket.

2 Album Downloads + Ringtone


Download of our New Album, as well as 2011’s LP “Tales From The Blue House,” + the ringtone.

2 Albums & Ringtone + Mailed Treasures


You’ll get the Downloads & ringtone + a personal signed postcard from the band, a sticker, and maybe we’ll throw something else in just for fun!

Treasure Chest + Studio Exclusives


You’ll get a digital music bundle of IvR’s whole catalog to date + choice b-sides and solo work by individual band members + the mailed treasures. You’ll also get acces to exclusive photo & video updates from IvR in the studio.

Treasure Chest & Exclusives + Photobook

Treasure Chest & Exclusives + Photobook
47 left

You get all of the above, and on top of that you’ll get a signed IvR photo-book made exclusively for Pledgers!

Treasure Trove: Vinyl + Merch Galore!

Treasure Trove: Vinyl + Merch Galore!
485 left

You’ll get all of the above, + You guarantee yourself the Limited Edition Vinyl copy of the new album, and an IvR t-shirt screen-printed by the band.

Treasure Trove + Signed Screen Print

Treasure Trove + Signed Screen Print
38 left

The vinyl + all the goodies we’ve mentioned + a limited edition screen print made and signed by the band.

Treasure Trove + Original Artwork

Treasure Trove + Original Artwork

You get everything we’ve mentioned, but instead of a limited edition screen-print, it’s an original, one of a kind signed drawing by one of the band members.

Everything + A Handmade Book

Everything + A Handmade Book

Along with the music, merch, and signed drawing, you’ll get a copy of violinist Nikita Sorokin’s handmade book “Looks Like It’s Just Me & You.”

Book, Love, and Painting

Book, Love, and Painting
8 left

This is where our gratitude turns into love. You get an invitation to hang out with us in the studio. We’ll call you on holidays to see how you and your family are doing. If you get a flat tire in Los Angeles, we’ll come to your rescue. Oh, and Micah Nelson will paint a portrait of you.

You're Basically In The Band

You're Basically In The Band

You’ll get all the beautiful things mentioned. Come hang out with us in the studio. If you can’t, it’s ok, your name will be in the album liner notes. Come play music with us. If we play a show in your town, we’ll play a set at your place. What’s your favorite song? We’ll learn it and play it for you. Lead singer Maggie Lally will teach you how to hula hoop.

Your Own West Coast Live Show + Executive Producer Credit


If you’re in Washington, Oregon, or California, we will come and play a show for you and your tribe. We’ll also consider driving to Utah, because it’s strange and beautiful. Maybe we can all go canoeing. If you’re not on the West Coast, drop us a line anyway. Maybe we can work something out!

A Psychedelic Animation Starring You

A Psychedelic Animation Starring You
1 left

We’ll pull out all the stops and create, from the ground up, a short animated film starring you, with an original score by the band. A one-of-a kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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