AccessPass Update

Nearly done!

Hi everyone! Please forgive the delayed update. There have been unforeseen circumstances thrown at us regarding the mix and master of 2nd Hand Smoke. Happily, we are nearing the end of the finishin...

The Mixes are DONE!

I’m so pleased to say that the mixes are complete and at the Mastering House! The guy I work with is pretty quick, so we’ll likely deliver the digitals next week. Thanks again for your patience and continued support! ~Inohs

Great Mixing Update

Happily, the mixing process is moving along swiftly and smoothly. We’ve mixed two songs and will begin on the third today. We like what we hear and we’re positive you will too!

Thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement! I’ll keep you updated on things!


I’ve attached a quick clip of Deus and me touching up our tune, “2nd Hand Smoke.”

A slight delay

Hey all! Yesterday, after 3 months of effort, our mixing engineer backed away from our project. We basically have to start over with the mixing process. Ugh, right!?

Despite it all, we have activated Plan “B”. We’re gonna mix it ourselves with support from our engineer/audiophile friends. We’ve already begun and it’s sounding good. The goal is to finish in a couple of weeks and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for pledging. We appreciate YOU!


P.S. So on the bright side, we got the screen to begin printing t-shirts! So for those who requested shirts, they are closer to reality! YAY!!

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