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Recorded. Mixed. Mastered... it might just happen with your help :-)


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I have been writing and recording my new album “IT MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN” over the last couple of years, and it’s finished, mixed and mastered… twelve new tracks… ready to roll… This is my fifth self-produced album, I’m not getting any younger, so for the first time I am going to have it “proper packaged”.
It’s all designed and artworked. You can help me complete and release it by pre-ordering…. or purchasing any of the following stuff….


Review of “IMNH” (Jeff Roberts)
Jim Pearson laments “How long will it take till we catch on?” on his latest album It Might Never Happen. Indeed. But for those of us who already have caught on, Jim Pearson’s latest outing is one of both comfortable familiarity and gentle surprises.

Jim Pearson has settled into his musical skin, and he’s happy being in it. Few artists manage to be so readily identifiable and consistent with such a refreshing variety of subject, tone, and style. JP fans will find all the essential elements here. There’s that trademark unperturbable, measured 4/4 diction. (Who else could get every syllable of ‘inequitable’ evenly delivered in a Pop song?).

Social and political critique are juxtaposed with simple, unabashed celebration of the basic joys of life. Again Pearson provides some of his most satisfying and serendipitous moments when he forays into ethnic styles and horn sections (such as the Soukous romp “We’re Not Coming Back” from Work Anxiety Syndrome) – this time with the Latin-influenced “When the Sun Shines” he launches into an exuberant, infectious joy simply “because I’m in love.”


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AccessPass: It Might Never Happen

It Might Never Happen

Access Pass includes “It Might Never Happen” download. Also, as a thank you for your support, you can immediately download “B-sides and rarities” ten tracks from my back catalogue :-)

New Album on CD

New Album on CD

CD of the new album, plus digital download and access to exclusive updates.

String quartet - back catalogue

String quartet - back catalogue
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All four previous releases in their original hand-finished formats…. tied together with sisal by my own fair hands…. exclusive price! Some songs by Jim Pearson, Unlucky for some, Self assembly, Work Anxiety Syndrome.

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