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Emme Woods - It's Ma Party EP & Film

it's ma party, yer all invited


of goal

ALL NEW AND EXISTING PLEDGES ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO A PRIZE DRAW AND ONE LUCKY FAN HAS THE CHANCE TO WIN EVERYTHING IN OUR PLEDGEMUSIC STORE! Increase your chances of winning; for every pledge you receive two name entries into our prize draw.
Winner will be contacted by email

The debut EP will be coming your way very soon and we will be releasing a film alongside it. We are so buzzing to let you all hear it. New music to groove to.

We are throwing in some merch and pre-orders of the EP into the store, also some house shows, fun stuff, heart and soul. Get it while it’s still beating. Lots of things up for grabs.

Thank you kindly for supporting the EP/FILM and putting dinner on Bubbles’ plate. Not Morgan’s though, She’s vegan, she haven’t eaten meat since 2003.


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AccessPass: it's ma party [download]

it's ma party [download]

i hope you love it. download is portable. carry it around with you while you go to lidl or even to the beach.

it's ma party [vinyl]

it's ma party [vinyl]

hold it, cherish it, keep it close. don’t sit on it, they snap.

it's ma party [signed vinyl]

2 left

i can’t thank you enough but i’ll try.

i write down words. [lyric sheet]

i write down words. [lyric sheet]
6 left

my words written down for all to see. geez me the fear but i’ll do it for you’s.

lyrics sheet for a song of your choice.

i'll be your jukebox [cover a song of your choice]

2 left

mate, if you pick oasis or celine dion, i’ll probably resent you a wee bit [ma heart won’t go on] but you paid the god damn money so honey, i’ll sing ma wee heart out.

come sing for you while ye watch the telly [stripped back]

2 left

emme will come to your house, anywhere on the mainland UK.

chill, eat yer dinner, i’ll sing to you as long as you don’t chew really loud.

we'll all come sing for ye [full band]

1 left

can’t be bothered leaving yer house. we’ll come to you. no problemo.

we’ll wipe our shoes at the front door and i’ll warn bubbles, no accidents in the house.

anywhere on mainland UK.

i make a mean cous cous [emme cooks ya dinner]

1 left

promise i will try with the best of my cooking ability [with help from neil] to cook you the best meal anyone has ever tried to make. trying being the key here.

promise, no food poisoning will happen. hopefully.

*scotland mainland only

lets go paddleboarding [band day oooot]

All gone!

lets get wet and wild. i’ll even drive us to loch lomond. here we. here we.

paddleboarding and travel included in price.

shout out in the ep pull out [shout out]


have your name, with a thank you and all my love, in the album pull out for all to see. you sweet sweet humans deserve it.

extra/film crew for it's ma party [film]

2 left

come help out/be an extra in the it’s ma party film.

filming will take place in glasgow. dates TBC.

neil's signed used boxers [comes with a single babybel]

2 left

so much cheese.

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