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New Album

Jackdaw4 are in the process of making their brand new 4th album and you can all be a part of it!


of goal

This is a rare opportunity to see if we can’t establish a new way for bands to survive and make music by working directly with you.

So how do you get involved?

On the right handside you’ll find a rather attractive list of incentives that you can preorder or “pledge” for. These include signed copies of the new CD, one of a kind hand written lyric sheets, your name in the liner notes or even an acoustic gig in your living room.

For those who were fans of my old band Honeycrack we also have a very special incentive just for you -a brand new Honeycrack T-shirt exclusive to this Pledge Campaign AND a special re-released version of “PS” the unreleased demos”. These are songs written for the second Honeycrack album that never materialised. This will include a couple of unheard tracks which got lost along the way, and some new brand new liner notes.

Every single Pledge will also include a digital copy of the new Jackdaw4 album, which you will receive before it is released to the general public.

In addition everyone who gets involved and pledges will have access to a whole host of exclusive content over the coming weeks including special video updates that will take you behind the scenes during the recording and mixing process. You’ll also be able to download some FREE rare tracks and possibly another audio delight or two over the coming weeks.

So, that’s it for now. 

You get pledging and together we’ll get to making the sweetest of music.

Thank you

Willie Dowling

PS 10% of everything we raise over our target will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Charity.

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Prostate Cancer UK.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: The As Yet Untitled New Album

The As Yet Untitled New Album

You’ll receive a digital copy of the brand new (as yet untitled) Jackdaw4 album before the general public + exclusive updates, rare download only tracks + you can help us name the album!

Signed Copy of New JD4 CD


A signed copy of the new Jackdaw4 album on CD + Digital Download

JD4 T-Shirt

JD4 T-Shirt
66 left

Jackdaw4 T-shirt + Digital copy of the brand new JD4 album

Retrospectacles Double Vinyl

66 left

Double Vinyl Signed by Willie Dowling, featuring the 1st and second JD4 albums Gramophone Logic and Bi Polar Diversons along with bonus tracks. Also come with a digital download of the new album

Hand Written Lyric Sheet

All gone!

Willie Dowling has hand written the lyrics to each track on the album and are available exclusively on this Pledge. Only 1 lyric sheet exists per track. The sheet will be sent at random.

Honeycrack T-shirt + Exclusive Honeycrack CD

Honeycrack T-shirt + Exclusive Honeycrack CD

Get a new Honeycrack T-shirt plus a copy “PS The Demos” CD. Now features UNHEARD, recently discovered tracks exclusive to this CD and all new liner notes by Willie Dowling + a download of the new JD4

New CD and all of back catalogue

All gone!

Receive CD copies of the brand J4 album plus CD copies of Eternal Struggle For Justice, Bi Polar Diversions & Gramophone Logic.

New JD4 CD and all of our back catalogue

All gone!

Receive CD copies of the brand JD4 album plus CD copies of Eternal Struggle For Justice & the Double CD Retrospectacles (which features the first 2 albums Bi Polar Diversions & Gramophone Logic).

Name in the Liner Notes & Personally Signed CD

All gone!

Get your name in the liner notes of the CD and receive a personally signed copy of the brand new Jackdaw4 album

Acoustic Gig in Your House!

4 left

With acoustic guitar in hand Willie Dowling and friends will turn up at your house for a special acoustic performance. Dates to be arranged in advance and only available in Scotland, England and Wales

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