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Kenny King Songwriter Dallas Texas

Kenny King Songwriter Dallas Texas commented

Jack, Pete Anderson Said To Say Hi, ,The Next Time I Contacted You Or We Get Together To Write?
Jack Are You Ok Brother? If You Come To Dallas Give Me A Call.Ill Buy Lunch,Got Some Friends i Want You To Meet Here in Lancaster Txs..
Have You Seen Steve Earl;Or Heard From Him?
Jack How Is Mustang Burn Selliing,& Shel Of A Man,& Dallas.Are They Picking Up On The Plug ins?
Later Jack ill Stop By if im in Longview Texas:im Pretty Much Doing My Warner Remixs, An Rewrites & Catch Up From My Friends Place Here In Lancaster.Say Tell All The Music Cricle Hi In Longview Little Txs , Neal McCoy.His Gutair Player Tommy Nash Lives Here In Dallas,Been Trying To Hook Up To Write With Tommy An Mirty With The Dixie Chic's,Well ive Got Hooks That Will flow Across The Mississippi River Like A Trotline Full An Lots Of Trible Hooks just Waiting Dont Miss Out Buddy. Write On. . ️ Of Mind! Your Friend Kenny King Songwriter Dallas Texas.+1-214-598-1122.


Anonymous commented

Still waiting on our to..... This is really dusappointing!


Anonymous commented

Still waiting on ours too. Really disappointing

Tina Thompson

Tina Thompson commented

Just wondering if the signed CDs have shipped yet.. I am waiting on one for a gift. Thx.

Richard Lane Adams

Richard Lane Adams commented

Am I overlooking the Test Pressing Vinyl that was available earlier?

Beverley Davis

Beverley Davis commented

first heard Drinking Through It on KHYI ..went to youtube and everyone was exclaiming that Jack was back! I didn't understand what they meant until I heard it on youtube. I've been aware of Jack for a few years, but what I'm hearing now makes him my favorite. Welcome back Jack.

Bob feiner

Bob feiner commented

Is the BBQ lunch perk for just one person?