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Thanks to EVERYONE that pledged...we've reached our goal!!!

We are so very grateful to everyone that jumped in and pledged to our campaign to help us Keep It Movin’! Releasing this album is exciting as it has been a few years since JCB’s last project. We’...
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In The Homestretch...the final campaign week for JCB

Hey everyone, we’re in the final week of our campaign and so excited to be almost finished!!
The official release online of Keep It Movin’ is happening on May 4th, and if you live in the Denver/Boulder (or the state of Colorado….!) we are celebrating with a show at the Lazy Dog in Boulder on Saturday, April 28th! We are planning a serious throw-down for this show and have plans on holding nothing back musically on stage! Hope many of you can join us!!
Thank you, so much, for your support!! See you soon!

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The Countdown Begins...What can we do in 10 days?!

We’re in the homestretch now and can almost smell the finish line!! With 10 days left in our campaign and only $370 remaining to reach our goal, we’re really hoping to get this in time.
Coming up at the end of the month we’re celebrating our new album release at the Lazy Dog in Boulder, Colorado. We’re letting it all out musically and cannot wait to rage with everyone. The video is from this past weekend on our short run in the Colorado mountains.
Also stoked to share that we’re returning to Summer Camp Music Festival this Memorial Day Weekend. It’s one of our favorite festivals to play and has a killer line-up…as usual!!
We’re throwing around some ideas on how to reward the pledger that gets us to the final goal…something cool.
Thanks to everyone that has contributed and supported us in this…we appreciate every single one of you!
10 to go……


With the release date for Keep It Movin’ set for May 4, 2018, the universe should be preparing its auditory receptacles for an earslaught of funky electro-rhythms, shake-your-robooty beats and earwormy lyrics.
The goal is in our sights, sitting in the cross-hairs at 84%, with about 2 weeks to go.
Please help us land this project…the countdown is happening!!!
Many thanks to all who have been on board with us!!

*Animation, video and music production by Jaden Carlson

Keep It Movin' is being released on May 4th!

You can pre-order your copy AND receive a stream of the first release from the album, Take It Away, BEFORE it’s official release! Just pledge on our PledgeMusic campaign and be one of the lucky ones to get the good stuff EARLY!!

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