This One's For Everyone...On Monday Pledgers Get An Exclusive!

It’s time that you get something special for hanging in there with us, so….drum roll….
Okay, that’s cheesy. We’re excited to show everyone our cover for Keep It Movin’, done by Andy Immerman.
Come Monday….we have an exclusive for our pledgers…we’ll be sharing a stream of one of the songs from the album!!
So, if ya wanna be in on something cool, there’s still time to pledge a lil’ sumpin’ to get you a head start on everyone else, and to help us too!!!

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We're Getting Closer!! Who wants to join in the Happy Dance?

With only 25 days to go we’re at 63% of our goal! Let’s get this done!!
April is shaping up to be a pretty busy month, with the album release and some really great shows to play.

4/13 Ullr’s Tavern, Winter Park, CO
4/14 The Historic Brown, Breckenridge, CO
4/21 Rocky Mountain Tree Festival at the Gothic Theater (w/The Flobots), Englewood, CO
4/22 Operation Bear Hug, Colorado State University
4/28 The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO

We also have a nice announcement for later in the spring coming up, so stay tuned to our socials!
Thanks to EVERYONE who has backed us and supported JCB.

Another Step Forward in Keepin' It Movin'!

Album cover is finished! And it is pretty damn cool…..

We have our album artwork “in hand”…(not really, it’s on the computer), and we are thisclose to finalizing the new Jaden Carlson Band logo! Perfecting the music takes a little time, but it’s definitely worth the painstaking wait once it’s all in the can. We are so looking forward to sharing this project with everyone!!
With everything movin’ right along we now have a little over a month to reach our funding goal, and we’re halfway there. Every single $10 download helps, as well as pledges on the other cool stuff. Drum, keyboard, producing lessons are actually some of the more fun ones, as you’ll get to learn from people who LOVE what they do. Oh, and Axel the dog definitely has been jonesing to get out on the trails to hike…as spring is creeping in! Pets in Space on Keyboards just might be the hot new artwork to have too.
Thanks to all who have joined us!

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Movin' right along and we're HALFWAY there!!!

Getting super excited because…..
Thanks to some incredible amazing friends and family, we are HALFWAY to our goal!!
Pretty soon we’ll be sharing our album cover art with you…it’s pretty cool. The album is being mixed as you read this and the next step will be mastering, which is the final step before you all get to hear it!!
We’re also in the planning stages of having an album release show or 2…so stay tuned for details on when we can celebrate together!
In the meantime you can catch us on these dates:
3/5 Southern Sun Brewery, Boulder, CO
4/13 Ullr’s Tavern, Winter Park, CO
4/14 Historic Brown, Breckenridge, CO
4/21 Rocky Mountain Tree Festival, Denver, CO
4/28 Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO

And more big announcements to come!