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Jan Schelhaas - Ghosts Of Eden

Jan’s new album Ghosts of Eden pre-order has launched! https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jan-schelhaas-ghosts-of-eden Signed CDs, special exclusives and memorabilia available!
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The Gypsy's Comin' Home with Andy Latimer

As a special thank you to everyone for their patience here is one of the tracks from the album featuring my friend Andy Latimer on the end finale solo .
Everything is now recorded mixed & mastered Now its just manufacturing & signing for release on the 31st March as planned.
Once again massive thanks to all of you for making it happen and watch out for your name in credits .

Best to everyone


You just need 'Someone' !!

Another track mixed featuring the “Blues Brothers”, Jan , Doug Boyle & Neil Ford.
Not long till release now and only a few ‘names in credits’ left so hurry while stocks last
(No! that’s sofas isn’t it?).