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Exclusive Live CD

New live album of the benefit festival for Jason Becker. Pledge for the live disc! Proceeds will go to Jason Becker!


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On November 13, 2011, a 6-hour guitar festival was held to honor Jason Becker, the incredible guitarist known for his extraordinary work with Cacophony, David Lee Roth and Marty Friedman, among others. Out of deep respect for Jason and love of his work, each guitarist featured at this tribute show waived their usual performance fees, playing that day simply to honor one of their contemporaries and source of great influence: Jason Becker, a modern day guitar great. All notes played that night were dedicated to the great Jason Becker in support of his struggle against the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Contributing artists who played for Jason include: Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale) , Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Daniele Gottardo, Stéphan Forté (Adagio), Andy James, Atma Anur and more….

The live show was recorded on 24 tracks and now the tunes still need to be edited, mixed and mastered in the studio + design of the album needs to be made.

We need your help to finish the production on this live album. With your pledge, you will be helping to ensure that this amazing recording of a legendary concert gets released as well as defraying the cost of Jason’s growing medical expenses (

Thank you!


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AccessPass: NOT DEAD YET! Live download

NOT DEAD YET! Live download

Here you’ll get the download of the Live Album of the festival held November 13, 2011, featuring some amazing musicians, playing for the benefit of Jason Becker! (

Signed CD of the concert

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CD signed by one of the contributing artists and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured

T-Shirt (festival)

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Jason Becker Live Disc Package

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Get the signed CD of the concert and the T-shirt for a new low price!

Signed festival poster by all artists

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Festival poster signed by everyone who played that night!

Signed banner

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Signed sponsored banner by the artists who performed for this benefit

Signed guitar by Guthrie Govan

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Guitar signed especially for you by Guthrie Govan! Custom handmade Oakland factory guitar, one of a kind.

Signed Vigier GV Rock guitar by multiple guitar players

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Guitar signed by Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins, Marco Sfogli, Stéphan Forté, Atma Anur, and many more artists who did perform at the benefit festival.

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