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The Brink

The Brink commented

Man... I don't understand the timing of this campaign. HUGE fan who's already bought the CD - of Cours eI'd love to have a signed copy and donate to charity but why now? After the release has already hit the market?

Artist response
JC Brooks Band

JC Brooks Band commented

Hey there!!! Watch the video to understand why.... we need tour support (flights, hotels, gas, food, etc), music videos, pressing vinyl, marketing & promotion, etc. There's a lot more to releasing an album than just pressing the cd.... we have to push it now so that our current audience gets the opportunity to see us in full spectrum and also to push the record to develop new fans and present them with great music to dance to.

We hope you're enjoying the recent release!! We wanna make more great music for you!

The Brink

The Brink commented

Fair enough!

I'm in!!!