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"From Hallelujah to The Last Goodbye"

Pre-Order the definitive Jeff Buckley story written by his manager, Dave Lory with Jim Irvin.



In 1993, Dave Lory joined the team working with an exciting new singer named Jeff Buckley, just as he released his first EP. Lory got to know his new artist by joining him on a solo tour of the West Coast. It was the start of a tight working relationship and deep friendship that was rudely cut short in 1997 when Jeff walked into the Wolf River in Memphis for a late evening swim and never came out.

The book covers key scenes in Buckley’s short but explosive career, the first solo tour, the first visits abroad, the making of his brilliant sole album, the wrangles with his record company, troubles with his band on the road and the struggle to make a follow up album. It climaxes with the week after his tragic swim and how Lory managed the sudden death of a friend and client.

“Although primarily a memoir, Lory’s music business experience inevitably seeps from the narrative, providing useful guidance on the dark art of rock management. Lory and co-author Jim Irvin have interviewed many people who knew Jeff intimately and have never spoken about their time with Jeff since that tragic day 20 years ago, and their words add eloquent illustration to Lory’s own vivid memories. For Excerpts, videos, tour dates with Dave Lory doing book signing s and Q&A with the fans, go to

Excerpt from the book:
Something has punched me in my stomach with all its force. I drop the phone.
“Dave? Dave?”
“Shit, Gene, is this real? Am I having a bad dream?”
“It’s real, Dave. There are helicopters shining searchlights on the river. There’s a team dragging the water.”
Helicopters. That was the sound I couldn’t identify.
My brain didn’t know what to ask, but my mouth came up with something.
“When did he go into the water?”
“Around 9pm,” said Gene, his voice breaking. ”Four hours ago.”
“He’s not coming out, is he?”
We shared a silence. Into it rushed a sound like someone pounding on my hotel room door. It was blood racing around my head. I tried not to pass out.


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Jeff Buckley signed book and Tour Tickets

Signed + Personalized 'From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye'

Signed + Personalized 'From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye'

You’ll receive:

  • A copy of ‘From Hallelujah to The Last Goodbye’ signed by Dave Lory and personalized to you
  • A laminate from his 1994 tour
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