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Amy Sampson

Amy Sampson commented

I still haven't received my lyric sheet for "A Little More"... thanks.

Charlene Goers

Charlene Goers commented

I have received all of my exclusives except any information on the VIP ticket. How is that going to work? I realize that a booked tour would have to be determined first, but after that?

Crystal Higdon

Crystal Higdon commented


As expected, this album is amazing! Your music has been an inspiration, source of comfort, and such a huge part of my life since Kansas. Every album I think it can't get any better, but it does! Thank you for being who you are and bringing your music to us. I will be a fan forever. I hope to see you in concert again someday. Please come to Arizona!

David Prada

David Prada commented

Awesome album... See you on the road!

Joshua Taylor

Joshua Taylor commented

A fan since Kansas and with SUCH LOVE for Letting Go, I have to say, Jennifer, you've done it AGAIN! Set me Free is a beautiful, heartfelt album from beginning to end and has met and surpassed every expectation. I'll be spreading the word upon its release, along with the memoir. Much thanks, congratulations and love!

Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas commented

It's been almost exactly a year since my pledge, and I can easily say that the release is worth every minute of the (agonizing) wait. Congratulations!

Gary Knapp

Gary Knapp commented

Such a creative and artistic masterpiece. Takes my breath away. I believe this became my new favorite record. I wish more artists believed in creating an entire album with the heart and soul that JK puts into each and every project. Some people listen to music. I, for one, not only listen, but i feel each and every note and lyric. This record speaks to me in so many ways.

Kim Morgan

Kim Morgan commented

Love the new CD. It sounds wonderful.

Kim Stamp

Kim Stamp commented

Really enjoying the new CD...both lyrically and musically! Can't wait for the finished product to be in my hands! Thanks for sharing gift with all of us, Jennifer!

Stephen Peck

Stephen Peck commented

Hugging you back! I knew the songs were fantastic, but the finished record is incredibly well done. Amazing sound, beautifully arranged.