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Making A New Record!

I'm thrilled to be recording a new record ! I'd love for you to be part of the process !


of goal

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for checking this project out. I know, I know, it’s been too long since the last record, “Bittersweet Batch” was released. Thank you for your patience. I’m happy to say a new album is underway! I’m very excited about these new songs and can’t wait for you to hear them. I feel lucky to be working again with recordist- extraordinaire Jack Younger at his wonderful Watch City Studios ( just outside of Boston). Some of the same crazy crew of musicians will be adding their touch to the analog tape, in addition to some amazingly-talented special guests! When all is said and done, this album will be pressed to vinyl ! (as will “Bittersweet Batch” !) All of this costs money, as you might imagine, much more money than I have. But we’re all much stronger in numbers. So I’m grateful to have teamed up with PledgeMusic, who has put together a way to bring YOU onboard for the whole experience!
Here’s how it works:

1. MAKE A PLEDGE ! – I’ve come up with various exclusive items / experiences which are listed at the right hand side of this page. You will receive a digital download of the new album before its official release, just by making a pledge.

Please forward, repost, retweet, share the link, tell your friends, + scream it out your windows! This project only happens if we all come together.

Once you pledge, you’ll instantly have access to the Private Update Section of the PledgeMusic website.This will include pledger-only content with behind-the-scenes special features. These updates will range from photos and video footage of the studio, never-before-seen videos of some new songs, and general progress reports that will let you know where the project is at.

YOUR pledge will help cover studio fees, musician + arranger fees, manufacturing costs, distribution + promotion. PledgeMusic is a special platform that builds a direct, personal connection between the artist, the music, and the audience, all while embracing the future of how music is produced. Everyone becomes actively involved in this album release. It’s a community project by the people, and for the people!

When the target goal has been reached, a portion of what you pledge will be donated to Farm Aid. Not only will you be part of this exciting, music-creating process, but you will be helping Farm Aid foster connections between farmers and eaters by growing and strengthening local and regional markets, as well as working to get family farm food in urban neighborhoods, grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other public institutions. Awesome.
Check out more about Farm Aid at

Please consider pledging whatever you can.
Thank you so very much for your support !

peace + love + music / JESSE

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Farm Aid.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: New Jesse Dee Album

New Jesse Dee Album

This is the brand new full length album!!! A pledge will get you the album download before it’s released anywhere else as well as access to all of my exclusive updates I’ll be sending to you along the way. I can’t wait for you to hear this recording!

Jesse Dee T-shirt

Jesse Dee T-shirt
4 left

Limited edition Jesse Dee t-shirt!

Signed copy of "Bittersweet Batch" CD

23 left

Limited supply left of the debut album……but signed just for you!
+ digital download of new album + Jesse Dee tie clip

Signed copy of "Bittersweet Batch" 12" LP


Better late than never. “Bittersweet Batch” will finally be pressed to vinyl!
Here it how it was intended to be heard! PLUS you’ll get the digital download of new album + Jesse Dee tie clip

3 Original Concert Poster Prints

3 Original Concert Poster Prints
5 left

3 – Signed Jesse Dee Poster Prints – featuring his original artwork and design !
2011 James Hunter Tour + 2010 European Tour + 2008 CD Release Tour.
includes digital download of new album + Jesse Dee tie clip

Original portrait drawn by Jesse

Original portrait drawn by Jesse
2 left

An original Black and White portrait – rendered in pencil, by Jesse !
(see picture) You just send the photo of what you’d like and he’ll draw it.
Maybe that special someone?, have a favorite child ? or even a deceased house pet ? This exclusive makes a great gift. ( 11" X 11" )
+ digital download of new album + Jesse Dee tie clip

James Brown painting

James Brown painting
1 left

Original painting of James Brown
by Jesse Dee
24" X 36" acrylic + collage on canvas, 2001

Bob Marley painting

Bob Marley painting
1 left

Original painting of (young) Bob Marley
By Jesse Dee
32" X 32" acrylic and pastel on canvas, 1999

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