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Pre-order Voyages, the new companion album to Passages, on signed CD. Released 26/10/2018.



Well, albums are like buses, aren’t they? You wait fifteen years, and then TWO come along at once.

Yes, you heard that correctly – we’re releasing ANOTHER album.

It’s called “Voyages”, and it’s the companion piece to “Passages” Once we’d finished that album, and once we’d been through the PledgeMusic campaign for it, a lot of things suddenly made more sense. The biggest was that this was something that really wasn’t just about us. It had become a project that so many of you had invested not just your money in, but also your time, your belief, and your passion for the band. We talked to you about the tracks on forums, we shared snapshots of the music, as it developed. Really – it felt like we were all making the record, not just the five of us in the band.

And once that whole process had finished, it felt like we had more left, to explain. We’d handed over a nice, shiny artwork, with some of the rough sketches missing. So, when we’d finished the actual record – the fragments which remained, and what we’d left out, became as much a part of the main story, as “Passages” itself. And because you’d all been a part of that story, it seemed only fitting to share the entire thing.

Overall, “Voyages” is a collection of ideas, demos and alternate mixes. As such, it’s clear that this won’t be for everyone. It’s not going to be an album which changes the minds of those who’ve decided we’re not for them. We get that. It’s the sort of record which will probably confuse and confound the press. We’re not really bothered by that either. We made it for you lot. It brings the entire project into a circle. Above all, it’s a real step into the unknown for us as a band. We’ve always tried to outdo ourselves, with every release: to explore more sounds, to try and push ourselves, sonically. We’ve always wanted things to get better, to be more definitive, to move us into the future. So “Voyages” is really the first time we’ve explored things we’ve already done! It feels odd to be going over “old” territory, but this is something we felt we had to do – to completely finish how “Passages” was viewed. Nothing exists in isolation, and “Passages” won’t truly work until you know where it came from.

It’s been an amazing journey for us – making both of these records, and along the way, we discovered a lot about ourselves, but we discovered a lot about you, too. We discovered how much it means, to have people listening. People who care about what we do. People who feel energised by that. It really did spur us on. So – cheers, to every single one of you. You all came along for the ride, so it’s only right that you hear EVERYTHING that happened, along the way….."


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Voyages - Signed CD

Voyages - Signed CD
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The new 16 track album on signed CD.

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