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This was supposed to ship end of March. Will we receive what we ordered or shall we ask for refund ??

Tim Enos

Tim Enos commented

I was wondering the same thing. I did email Pledgemusic and was waiting for a response. I also thought perhaps Joan would make a comment about this as well and let us know the status.

Daryn Wiseman

Daryn Wiseman commented

Many, if not all, of the current campaigns have been shut down. PledgeMusic is in serious trouble financially; it's a company based out of the UK and it's just been disclosed that "administration," which is their version of bankruptcy, is imminent. A lot of artists were notified months ago, but some aren't that lucky because they don't have the professional infrastructure to navigate this process. A deal to purchase the company fell through and it's only a matter of days at this point; the website might not even be live for much longer.
I would highly suggest that any and all users take the time to download all the material you've paid for; songs, artwork, liner notes, etc. I've downloaded each project in FLAC and MP3 form -- you never know what format you'd like to have access to in the future, so it's just best to cover your bases.
Also, it should be mentioned that this is not the fault of the artists -- in a lot of ways, they are in the same position as we are. Ultimately, the artists won't be paid according to their agreement and even if they do receive funds at some point in the future, it won't be the appropriate amount and it won't come until the legal process has been observed.

If you're currently supporting any campaigns and are awaiting product, unfortunately, it's likely that nothing will be fulfilled from this point forward.
Right now, the only real option you have to remedy your purchase is to contact your financial institution and ask for the transaction to be reversed. It should also be said that attempting to contact PledgeMusic would be a waste of your time; customer service is practically non-existent.

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

Dear fellow music lovers. Please pull back your pledges while you still can. The caretakers of are taking your money and running off with it while the artist and listeners are left with nothing!! Revolt!!

Jon Prochovnick

Jon Prochovnick commented

This was supposed to be released today. Anybody know what's going on?

clive woodbridge

clive woodbridge commented

see comment below - Pledge music no longer responding. Basically they have taken the money and run. Best to try and dispute with credit card company/bank to get your money back. No apparent comment from Joan's reps on here either.

Jon Irelan

Jon Irelan commented

How come everything is suspended and you can’t purchase any of Joan’s offers?

Martin Broten

Martin Broten commented

Pledge Music is having financial problems. Apparently they are looking for a buyer.

Billy Z Duke

Billy Z Duke commented

If the signed vinyl comes with digital downloads, I'm on board!

Roger Zender

Roger Zender commented

Looking forward to helping out... and a little more detail. ;-)

Eric Luther

Eric Luther commented

“a vein of 1970s a.m. radio and Southern rock.”

Super excited to hear what Joan’s cooking up!