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Mississippi Mile: My Inspirations

Behind the scenes access to 'Mississippi Mile'! Be the 1st to hear the new album and support Love, Hope & Strength!

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“At the age of four I witnessed my first live concert: Bill Haley and the Comets playing their classic rockabilly hits at a local amusement park. Then there were the records…

I began to collect 45 rpm singles …treasures from Little Richard, Chuck Berry, the Everly Brothers, Gary U.S. Bonds and of course, Elvis. I spent countless hours twisting the dial on my AM transistor radio trying to tune in the local R&B stations and listening to DJs like Jerry Blavat spinning obscure Doo Wop records and B sides.

When it came to influences I was open to more than just the top 40 hits…my friends’ older brother turned me on to the nascent folk music scene that began to sweep the country in the early 60’s. My interest in traditional American music began and I immersed himself in the Child’s Ballads, Joan Baez, Rev. Gary Davis, Dave Von Ronk and all the rediscovered bluesmen who began to make appearances at the Newport and Philadelphia folk festivals. Absorbing it all developed a kind of musical split personality. One night I might be wearing a shark skin suit playing everything from Doo Wop covers to the big R&B hits of the day with my band and the next night I would be playing my acoustic guitar in a local coffee house singing Appalachian folk ballads…to this day the very same roots and influences still can be heard in my original playing and singing style…."

And now we’re here! I have recorded an album of twelve songs that so inspired me, and want you to be the first to hear them.

I’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to offer you a unique experience. On top of the album, I’m offering a limited number of some truly unique items and experiences. By pledging for these, the digital download of my new album is FREE! But that’s just the beginning…..

You’ll also gain access to my private updates page. There, I’ll be posting videos, explaining their roots, and how they influenced me. I also be posting MP3s of demos and out-takes, photos, and blogs.

You can feel even better about pledging because a portion of the proceeds I raise here will be donated to Love Hope & Strength--an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. The mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care.

Because of my family, friends, and fans, I continue to have a blessed career and life. Let’s share this experience together, and make music for a change!

xx John

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10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Love Hope Strength.


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AccessPass: "Mississippi Mile"

"Mississippi Mile"

12 songs that inspired me to become a musician.

Signed Mississippi Mile CD

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Delivered to your mailbox as soon as they are made and signed.

Mississippi Mile T-Shirt

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Designed specially for this album, honoring my influences!

Signed Mississippi Mile CD + Mississippi Mile T-Shirt

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Both a signed CD and the Mississippi Mile T-shirt…. and you get the digital download and access to all of the updates!

2 Meet & Greet Passes at show of your choice

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2 Meet & Greet passes to a show of your choice. Timing of the meet & greet will vary by that day’s schedule and the venue (however, in most instances it is before the show). SoundCheck is not part of the meet & greet. Photos are allowed. Tickets to the show, travel to the show, etc. are not included.

NOTE : M&Gs will be fulfilled for shows occurring after the Pledge Music campaign concludes on May 31, 2011.

Atlanta Hall & Oates Show Experience!

All gone!

2 tickets to the Sunday, June 19 Hall & Oates show at Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA.
Also Includes: 2 Meet and Greet passes for John Only, a signed ‘Mississippi Mile’ CD, and a t-shirt.
Show time is 8pm.

Signed Acoustic Guitar

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Custom-wrapped Mississippi Mile themed guitar, signed by John Oates!

A Custom Song For You!

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I will write a song for you! Just tell me about yourself and your story. We’ll shoot some ideas back and forth, and get down a track that is truly one of a kind!

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