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The New Album

I'm releasing a brand new record and would like you to be a part of the experience HERE!


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Hi, My name is Johnny A.

Welcome to the PledgeMusic campaign for my new album Driven.

I am an independent artist credited with three international releases. (2 studio albums and one live DVD/CD).

Although my second album was for a label with major distribution, I find myself again in the position of being a self financed independent artist. I am extremely excited by the new album Driven. It is a huge departure for me both in musical approach and also in the way that I had approached making recordings in the past.

Musically, it differs from past recordings in that the 10 new original compositions and one cover song stylistically have an edgier and more “back-beat” direction than ever before.

The other major way in which this album project differs is in the way I actually recorded it. Please let me explain:

Typically in the past, I would assemble musicians, hire an engineer, studio, assistants, etc. and start the process of pre-production rehearsals, recording and mixing. So from the first step, there was a complement of others working the process through to completion.

On this new album project Driven, I had decided to make it truly a “solo” effort in every sense of the word.

Over the last 18 months, I built a recording studio in my home, wrote, arranged, performed, engineered, produced and mixed the complete album on my own. This was an extremely exhausting undertaking (to say the least). The result is a musical and production effort without compromise.

Now we come to the reason for my PledgeMusic campaign!

My goal is to raise marketing and promotional funds for my album Driven.
Itʼs not enough to just make a good recording. Itʼs pertinent to make both existing and potentially new fans well aware that this album Driven actually exists.

I plan to use the funds raised by this effort to hire a professional publicist and to also place advertisements in both print and web based locations for the purpose of creating awareness for the album.

I have listed many items here that will allow you to show your support of this project at numerous pledge levels. Please take a look and do what you can do to help with this effort.

Thanks so much,


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: The New Album

The New Album

By pledging, you’ll get the digital download of my new album, “Driven”, as soon as it’s available PLUS all of the exclusive updates along the way.

"Autographed" copy of "Driven"

"Autographed" copy of "Driven"
46 left

You will receive your copy of my new CD “Driven”, signed with a “thank you” note from me to you.

Limited-Edition "Audiophile" Vinyl [Signed]

73 left

A “hand stamped” numbered Limited Edition version of the new album “Driven” on 180 gram “audiophile” vinyl. Includes download code for digital download of the album. Signed.

Signed CD Bundle

13 left

New CD signed and the T-shirt. Plus cover art print.

CD copy of "Driven"

CD copy of "Driven"

Receive your copy of my new CD “Driven”.

Cover Art Print


A high quality reproduction of the album’s cover art print.

Driven "T"-Shirt

Driven "T"-Shirt

Be the first to get your hands on this Hi quality “T”-shirt with graphics from the “Driven” project.

Signed Cover Art Print

27 left

A high quality reproduction of the album’s cover art. Signed from me to you!

Johnny A. Discography Bundle

6 left

The new studio album on CD as well as:

“Sometime Tuesday Morning” CD
“Get Inside” CD
“One November Night” (DVD/CD combo)

Vinyl Bundle

9 left

The cover art print, the CD, the tee and the limited edition vinyl.

Vinyl Test Pressing [Signed]

8 left

An autographed version of the vinyl test pressing that was cut by Chris Bellman at world renown mastering engineer Bernie Grundman’s California studio. Plus CD.

Skype Guitar/Chat Session

9 left

45-min. Skype Guitar lesson/Chat session with me. Learn key techniques to my guitar style or just discuss the process of achieving your desired tone.

Includes a copy of the new CD.

Chandler “Tube Driver” distortion pedal

Chandler “Tube Driver” distortion pedal
All gone!

Vintage tube driver from my personal collection used in the recording of the new album. Plus CD.

Intimate Duo House Concert (North America)

3 left

I will come to your house house and perform a 60 min show in a stripped down intimate “duo” minus drums version.

Includes 10 CD’s.

*must be within 100 mile radius of Boston or additional expenses will apply.

Full-Band House Concert (North America)

4 left

My “band” and I will come to your house for a 90 min full band performance.

Includes 10 CD’s.

Please note: must be within 100 mile radius of Boston or additional expenses will apply.

Gibson Custom Shop Johnny A. Signature Model guitar

Gibson Custom Shop Johnny A. Signature Model guitar
All gone!

Made in Nashville, TN at the Gibson Custom Shop location. This handcrafted guitar from my “personal” collection was played during making of the new album. Includes signed certificate of authenticity, original hardshell case and all “case candy”.

Also includes Limited-Edition vinyl and a CD.

Please note: you will be contacted regarding the additional shipping cost to ensure this item reaches you safely.

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