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You may have noticed that the “day in the recording studio with me” option has disappeared. I was just too nervous about it. And since you have all been so generous with the other stuff, I didn’t really need this high-ticket item to be on here anymore.
It’s not that I don’t like you but I came to the realization that having a new person hanging around while (the royal) we (and the rest of the studio crew) are in a recording/working state of mind might not be great for either of us.
So…I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who might have been saving up for that.
Now…. here is a little thing I whipped up at home between working on the album songs. It’s Jessie J.‘s song, “Pricetag”. It’s a bit slack starting out but stay with it. This is the kind of stuff I wouldn’t normally let anyone hear.
Remember: this is not how the new album will sound. The new album is going to rock electrically with drums played by a human.
More paintings coming soon………..
Merci a million times for making this thing fly so high…

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