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hello, people of the pledge world. tomorrow the good folks at are going to debut a song from my new album and i wanted to let you know in case you wanted to have a sneak peek before you get the whole album. the songs on the record are kind of all over the place, vibewise, sonically (although thematically i think they--the songs--realllly stick together) so if you do hear the sneak peek don’t go thinking that the whole album will sound just like that, okay? not that i don’t love the song--i have a special place in my heart for the song (it’s called “stray kids”) and it has been around me for a while, in different forms.
as soon as all the downloads go out on july 27th you will no longer be able to pledge for anything--the buying/selling will shut down--but we can still communicate here. so if you want posters or t-shirts or anything else that is still available, buy now (if you want, i mean). also i am going to add a few more CDs in case anyone else wants one at this price which is a bit cheaper than the CDs will be later on my website (yes--they will be available to buy on my website)..

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