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James commented

LP arrived this morning. Bloody Hell its good. You are performing right in front of me.

Well worth the wait.

Antje S.

Antje S. commented

Vinyl arrived in good condition - love the record - Thanks! :-)

But... I ordered the signed screen print as well - according to the pledge description "signed by Katzenjammer. Only 100 numbered copies available."
Now the poster is signed... but I cannot find anywhere (neither front nor back) a numbering (x of 100) to indicate the (pledged for) limited edition. Is it just me or the same for other who bought the print as will?

P.S. Apart from the fact that the poster unfortunately has some slightly torn and creased edges as well :-( unlike the vinyl it did not arrive in perfect condition...

olivier boutiere

olivier boutiere commented

Poster received too, no numbering too, but I haven' t received yet the vinyl.

olivier boutiere

olivier boutiere commented

do anyone receive the vinyl ?

Alicia Green

Alicia Green commented

I just got mine today. I live on the east coast of the U.S. The vinyl itself appears to be fine, but the packaging it came in did not fare so well. Corners extremely bent and when I opened it up some of it was wet (it was not raining in my area today, so it did not get wet when it was delivered to my house). All around the packaging was FRAGILE in red text, obviously that was ignored by all of the delivery people. I hope everyone else gets their vinyl in better condition than I got mine

Alexander Cotton

Alexander Cotton commented

I've downloaded the album but not received the screen print yet. Anyone received theirs?

Alexander Cotton

Alexander Cotton commented

Ignore above. Received signed poster. Great.

Daniel Buttery

Daniel Buttery commented

FYI the girls posted this on Facebook: 'Dear friends! Many of you are waiting patiently for the gear box session on vinyl. We've been told there have been some shipping and custom issues, but that they're expected to be delivered shortly! Hope you like it when you receive it

David Woollard

David Woollard commented

Thanks for spotting that Daniel. Fingers crossed it's not too long now.

David Woollard

David Woollard commented

I'm sure no-one would think badly of the girls over this but I wondered if someone who uses Facebook (I don't) could ask Sol as she seem the most active of them on social media at the moment. Just a polite "do you know anything" might give us some answers??

Becky Wilding

Becky Wilding commented

Just joining the thread like others to hopefully find out when the vinyl will be shipped. Really disappointed with this - the lack of communication / updates is so unprofessional. Come on, Pledge Music - get yourself sorted!

Paul Harman

Paul Harman commented

Also not impressed with pledge music. Doubt I will be tempted again. Nothing against the girls, but this organisation doesn't strike me as being very professional and it's communication skills leave a lot to be desired.


Anonymous commented

I appreciate this is out of Katzenjammer's hands.I won't be using pledemusic again. It's not so much as it's late but the fact that they don't communicate even when people are complaining! Hoping it'll be here very soon.

martin ankenbauer

martin ankenbauer commented

Same here. Pledge music, are you listening? I believe you've lost several pledgers, including me due to your lack of communication.

Annika Reichel

Annika Reichel commented

Dear pledege music team,

does anyone have 5 seconds left to answer THE QUESTION everybody wants to know?
The vinyl was released 7 days ago, so when will we get it?

Thank you!

martin ankenbauer

martin ankenbauer commented

when will vinyl be shipped? thank you