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Singapore's first all-original a cappella album! Please support Key Elements: Uncovered!

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Key Elements, a jazz-pop a cappella group from the sunny island of Singapore, aims to release the first all-original a cappella album from our country! The songs, written and arranged by our music director, Jason Ong, are a mix of jazz and pop tunes ranging from quirky to contemplative, spanning a spectrum of emotions from upbeat to introspective.

We’re really excited to invite you, our dear fans, to become a part of the new album in a unique and interactive way. By working with PledgeMusic, we can offer you early access to new music, exclusive items, and goodies.

We have started recording this album, and your pledge will help us to see it through! By pledging for a digital download of the new album (or any other exclusives listed to the right), you’ll gain access to a “Pledger only updates” section.

Here, we’ll post blogs, videos and more throughout the campaign so you stay in the loop on everything we’re up to.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to singing for you soon!

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AccessPass: Uncovered


A collection of all-original and a cappella songs

Uncovered + Single


Digital download of Uncovered plus “Better Than Anything” Single (4 tracks; including 2 chinese songs only available in this single)

Uncovered + Chinese EP


Digital download of Uncovered plus a physical copy of our Chinese EP

Uncovered + Jazz for the Record


The digital download of our new album, Uncovered, plus our previous CD of jazz covers, Jazz for the Record

Physical copy of Uncovered


Get the physical copy of Uncovered, once it is ready!

Signed physical copy of Uncovered


Get the physical copy of Uncovered, signed by all 6 members of Key Elements!

Exclusive Fan T-shirt

39 left

PledgeMusic exclusive: Our pledgers are a unique element known to the world as “Pledgium” – each will have an exclusive atomic number.

Autographed Score

4 left

Get the score to Key Elements’ Theme, signed by the composer, Jason Ong!

Hand-designed limited USB flash drive containing new album

All gone!

Hand-designed by group member Cherie, this one-of-a-kind USB flash drive containing the new album “Uncovered” comes in 5 designs – one of each element : Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal.

Handwritten and autographed lyric sheet

4 left

Our resident composer, Jason Ong, will give you a handwritten and autographed copy of the lyrics to one of our songs.

Your own element name in the Periodic Table of Key Elements

All gone!

Have your own element and symbol listed in the Periodic Table of Key Elements! Tell us your name, and we will create a symbol based on it. “Atomic No.” (sequential) is fixed, but “Mass No.” (secret no.) is one whose significance is known only to you. The Periodic Table can be found in our website.

Handmade box set

All gone!

You will get a handmade box set of all 4 autographed CDs from our discography, along with a PledgeMusic exclusive Pledgium tee.

Personalised Happy Birthday video

3 left

We will record a personalised jazzed up version of the Birthday Song to you or anyone of your choice – either sent to you, or if you prefer, uploaded to Facebook and/or Youtube.

Sponsor Credit!


We will express our immense gratitude to you by crediting you as one of our sponsors in the physical copy of our CD!

Executive Producer Credit


For your generosity, you will be credited as a producer in our CD! We also wish upon you a lifetime of good karma and love!

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