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It Gleams

Pledge to help support the new Kid Static release! Access to exclusive merch, videos, mp3's, and more!


of goal

Hey all, Kid here. Welcome to my PledgeMusic project. Most of you might know
me, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the drop….

I’m not like most rappers. I’m punk rock. I’ve got an edge to me that sets me
apart from the status quo. I drip distorted synths and grimy snare hits. I drop
onto recorded medium smooth and sweet like fine syrup on a stack of pancakes
- musical pancakes in an electronic breakfast. I drape myself like a bearskin rug
onto genres rappers don’t touch, and do it well. Take some Mos Def from Black
on Both Sides, add it to some Jamie Lidell from Multiply, sprinkle it with a liberal
helping of Beck-infused James Brown, and you get…. Kid Static. But enough about
me…. You’re here to help release my newest album.

By pledging, you are directly supporting the recording, mixing, mastering,
manufacturing, and marketing that encompasses this release…. the more support
I get, the doper the album can be. The more you share with your people, the
greater our community grows, and the deeper the Kid Static experience pervades
the universe.

But you don’t just get what you pledge for see. The download of the album is
included with all of the other pledge items AND you gain access to my private
updates page where I’ll be posting private videos, mp3’s, photos, and blogs which
will tell the tale of this campaign and recording the new tracks.

On top of that, I’m donating 10% of everything I raise beyond my target to Rock
for Kids. Rock For Kids contracts professional music teachers, buys instruments
and provides unique curricula like songwriting and recording, blues workshop,
choir, percussion and piano to underserved and at-risk children at public schools, afterschool programs, community centers and shelters at no cost to
students or parents. Rock For Kids brings the classes into the neighborhoods
where kids need them most to negate the risk and cost of transportation.

So get involved today, know that we’ll be making this together, and helping out
some great kids in the process.

xx Peace xx

Kid Static

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Rock For Kids.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: It Gleams

It Gleams

The digital release will include all tracks from the album in a high bitrate mp3 format. Plus you have access to all of my updates!



A brand spanking new highly technological CD delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured. Well not as soon, but as soon as it’s manufactured, mailed to us, checked by us, then mailed to you.

Signed CD

85 left

So this is just like the CD except I opened the shrink wrap, breathed on it, lovingly opened the case, took the booklet out, signed in a non-intrusive location, replaced the booklet, and reshrinkwrapped it. For you.

Photo Sticker Pack

496 left

New stickers! In a sticker pack! Here’s the deal: I have a number of older Kid Static stickers that I have posted all around the country. People even send me pictures of them still up sometimes…. I still have a few of those old-style stickers left, but they are very limited. SO, the first few people to pledge on this exclusive will get those few old stickers (you’ve seen them around, now see them in your home) + a few new ones. After I run out of old stickers, don’t despair!! I’ll send you a package with all the new ones & I promise they’ll be awesome. *Also, all packs will include some crazy new designs on adhesive photo paper that you can stick anywhere, your stuff, your dog, your brother, whatever, it’s all good.


98 left

We’re printing up special edition, screen-printed, 18″×25″ gems just for you. What’s on them? Artwork. What kind of artwork? From the album. And because they’re being screen-printed, each one will be unique. Just. Like. You.

Handwritten lyric sheet

50 left

Pick your favorite rhyme of mine and I’ll handwrite the lyrics and sign them. By hand. And I mean who writes anymore? I do. On paper. For you, so you can read them and see exactly what I am saying to you in your ears.

Mystery Box

All gone!

I’ll collect something from my house every day for a week and send it to you. I guarantee there will be some cool stuff in there. I have some really cool stuff in my house.


189 left

T-SHIRTS! They cover your nakedness. Which is both a good and bad thing. But while you’re inconveniently clothed, you might as well put some Kid Static goodness on the front of yourself.

Special edition vinyl

95 left

We will be pressing a limited edition vinyl of the album. So you know, its the same as the CD, except not as technological.

Signed CD + Poster

7 left

Signed CD + Poster. I mean thats pretty self explanatory. My signature is on the CD. And that poster is gonna be PIMP. Cause it’s screen-printed.

Signed CD + Handwritten lyric sheet

10 left

I’ll sign a CD, put that in an envelope, handwrite some lyrics with a nice pen on some super nice paper, I’ll put that in a frame, envelope that, then send it to you. Seriously. Not even joking.

Signed CD + Sticker Pack

174 left

The sticker pack! And a signed CD! Together!

Signed CD + Mystery Box

9 left

I’ll collect something from my house every day for a week and send it to you with a signed CD. Real personal like.

Signed CD + T-Shirt

5 left

You get a signed CD. You get a T-shirt. And you get ……wait, no that’s what you get. And that’s awesome!

Your name in the credits + Signed CD

20 left

Have you ever opened an album and seen your name? I haven’t……wait……NOW YOU CAN! As a contributor you get a spot where you can be proud that you helped make this thing happen.

Personalized Video Recording

2 left

Pick a track and I’ll record and dedicate a personalized video to you performing the song! I’ll do my songs. I’ll do covers. I’ll even make one up on the spot. Go ahead, I dare you.

Signed original artwork

14 left

I make stencil art. I will make a one of a kind piece for you. It will be at least 10″×10″ and will come ready to be hung on your wall.

Kid Remixes Your Track

4 left

Exchange via Soundcloud and I’ll remix your track!

Kid Spins Your House Party

2 left

You supply the system, I bring the decks and records. P A R T Y! *Note: Cost reflects price for the performance. Travel and accommodations are an additional cost and the responsibility of the pledger to be determined once date and location have been selected.

Lifetime Kid Static Membership

2 left

Give me $5000. Seriously. Give me $5000. I dare you. In return you get every CD, 7" record, 12" record, T-Shirt (and any other merch I would normally sell at a merch table) I have ever made. Also, as soon as I make a CD, 7" record, 12" record, T-shirt, (and any other merch I would normally sell at a merch table), you get it mailed to you. You get into every show, ever, with 2 of your friends. If you want to hang out and get coffee when I’m in the city, sure. If you want to hit me up and ask me how music is doing, I will always respond. As long as Kid Static exists.

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