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New Album: "contraband"

I have a new album and want you to be the first to hear "contraband": 12 new honest & delicate songs.

26.11.12 released!

of goal

i’m an independent touring singer-songwriter with a decade of experience & i’m hoping to release my sixth album, “contraband,” in the autumn of 2012, with the help of your pledges.

named for the way in which we can ‘illegally’ cling to love, contraband will be produced partly via a peer group listening committee & will seek musical collaboration from friends and musicians around the world….

it’s a quiet and delicate album that’s come out of a very dark portion of my life containing at its heart both the integrity that comes with honest writing & the resilience of being a work of love amongst a community of friends. it’s an album that aims to find strength in adversity & beauty in the face of loss.

in exchange for your help & support, i’ll be producing a handful of limited edition handwritten lyric books and other rarities including unreleased recordings. also, being a keen iphoneographer, i can offer limited edition photographic prints and will even be taking a small number of (uk) individual portraits!…(you can see some of my existing portaits at

having come close to giving up music altogether this summer, i’d love to continue into 2012 with the positivity of knowing that i can put this project out there & continue to do the work that means so much to me.

by pledging, you will help towards studio costs, mastering, pressing, artwork, photography and publicity. i promise to keep you in the loop as the project comes together and will be posting pledger-only updates during the course of the campaign to say thanks for your loyalty!

i would also like this opportunity to pledge my own support to the royal society of musicians, britain’s oldest musical charity that aims to provide assistance to those working in the music profession and their dependents (

this is a charity particularly close to my own heart as without their kind & generous support in 2011 i would certainly have been in a much darker place.
a portion of your pledge after the target is reached will help support this wonderful charity.

thank you.

kirsty x

20% post goal
20% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to The Royal Society of Musicians.

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AccessPass: new album: "contraband"

new album: "contraband"

tender, delicate, laid-bare and characteristically honest, “contraband” is my sixth album and my first solo album to date, featuring hobopop collective’s nick blacka on double bass. you will get the album as soon as it’s completed.

new cd & lots of gratitude

4 left

New CD delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured with a note of thanks!

signed copy of new cd

9 left

my new album “contraband” signed for you

new cd + second cd of your choice, plus personal card

25 left

i’ll package up your copy of the new cd plus your choice of either a second copy or no.5 / the kansas sessions & pop in a personal card to say thanks!

contraband, no.5 & kansas plus ltd edition rarity cd

60 left

i’ll post out contraband, no.5 & the kansas sessions & i’ll put together a rather interesting signed, limited edition ‘rarity’ cd to go with them featuring demos & unreleased material.

framed, signed photographic print, cd & card

10 left

a photo will be selected for each song on the album (i’ll post the choices closer to the release date. each one will be unique). i’ll also put a copy of the album & a thankyou card in the package.

framed handwritten lyric sheet, rarity cd & card

9 left

i’ll frame one copy of a lyric from the album (in my best writing) or, if you prefer, a lyric of your choice from an earlier cd & pop it in the post to you with the new cd, a rarity cd & a personal card to say a big thanks!

handwritten lyric book, 2 cds, rarity cd & card

3 left

once again, in my very best writing, i’ll write out & put together a lyric book for the cd. i’ll also send you 2 copies of contraband, a rarity cd and a card to say a big thanks for your help!

iphone portrait sitting & framed print (uk only!)

3 left

i will drive to you or meet you on a day with good light & take your portrait. i’ll also deliver you a nice package of cds & oddments whilst i’m there! (i’ll even bake you a cake if you ask nicely!)

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