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Pre-Order the New Album

I'm making a brand new record, and I would love for you to be a part of it!



Hello my name is Kyle Church. I’m excited to launch this PledgeMusic campaign for the release of my second album. Through PledgeMusic, you can pre-order my new album & get access to exclusive merch, behind-the-scenes content, and more!

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on some new songs that I’m really excited to share with you. The songs for this album have come as I’ve been learning to embrace each moment I find myself in; for both their challenges and also for the beauty that exists within each one. A while back, I began to realize how much of my time and energy I was spending thinking about the past, and also about what may come to be in the future. I find that quite often, these kinds of thoughts occupy our minds to the point that we’re rarely able to fully enter into and enjoy the moment we find ourselves in right now. I wrote these songs to remind myself and anyone who listens, of the beautiful gift that it is to be alive.

As an independent artist, I am able to have creative license about what I sing about, and how I release it (which I’m really thankful for)…. but that also means that I’ve had to pay for everything out of my own pocket. By supporting this project, you can help me continue to create music and retain creative control over my sound.

Another feature which I love about PledgeMusic is the inside access you get when you support a project. One of my favourite things about releasing music is the process involved, but as with most things in life, I believe it’s an experience that is best shared with others. Through PledgeMusic, I want to bring you into the process as we create this new album. I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes updates as we go that will be exclusive to PledgeMusic. Not only that, but as a pledger, you’ll get to hear all of the music we’re releasing before it hits platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and receive rewards which are exclusive to this campaign!

Below are some items that you can receive for being apart of this project. I’m super grateful for any way that you’re able to help us make this album happen!

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AccessPass: 'New Album' Digital Download

'New Album' Digital Download

Get a digital download of the new album before it’s released! This exclusive gives also you access to updates that we’ll make throughout the process. If you’re someone who likes to get the inside scoop, this is your ticket in!

'New Album' Signed CD

'New Album' Signed CD

Call me old fashioned…. but I’m still a big fan of CD’s, and love the experience of listening to them from front to back.
This item gets you a physical copy of the new album before it’s released + a digital download.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
19 left

Lyrics from a song on the new album, handwritten by me!

11x14 Signed Wall Art

11x14 Signed Wall Art
20 left

This item is a poster with a design made exclusively for this campaign.

Signed CD + Signed Wall Art Bundle

Signed CD + Signed Wall Art Bundle
20 left

This bundle features:
- Signed CD
- Limited edition poster with design exclusive to this campaign.

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