AccessPass Update


Hi guys, I’m reaching out to urge and remind you to dispute the pledge music charges with your bank. I have yet to be paid by the company nor have I received an update on the financial crisis the...
AccessPass Update

Album Update

It is with great disappointment that I share the most recent update of my debut album To Broadway With Soul. As you know, because of your generous pledges, the album was officially funded at $8,99...
AccessPass Update

Not quite 100 %

Hi KTPEEPS! Thank you so much for your pledges ! We have reached our goal and cards are being charged. There have been a few declines and unfortunately the funds raised will not be released to me...


Hi peeps! We are just $2,365 away from reaching our final goal ! That being the case the kind people at pledge music have allowed me to extend the project 26 days to raise that last bit and make this album happen! Please spread the good word about project to everyone you know and have a glorious thanksgiving !!