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Geoff Dunn

Geoff Dunn commented

when will you refund UK customers!!!
You are thieves

Nathan James VandenAvond

Nathan James VandenAvond commented

L7 made a post about where they are with this shit. Why is Ladytron so silent? I support the band but the silence is a bit deafening.

Larry Harkrider

Larry Harkrider commented

Im no Spooner fan. But if they're willing to spoon desolute fans in these darkest of days, then ok.

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

Dear fellow music lovers. Please pull back your pledges while you still can or get refund through the bank. The bank refunds can only be captured after 90 days. The caretakers of are taking your money and running off with it while the artist and listeners are left with nothing!! Revolt!!

Jonathan K

Jonathan K commented

I agree with you. This thing has just been a complete mess, but the lack of communication for the band has also been disheartening. Just contact your bank and request a refund.


FDL commented

Im sorry, but this is it. The whole thing has been a joke from the start, you will never see anything of this. They literally screwed you for a few bucks. Helen Marnie isnt even real...

James Gathercole

James Gathercole commented

Well I’ll give “The Management” one thing, they are still striking an optimistic note. It’s my experience with this sort of start-up venture that when the financials go south it takes around a year to get any sort of resolution, unless you can get someone with deep pockets to step up and cover the costs.

Christian Mole

Christian Mole commented

It’s just a pity that there has been no direct communication from Ladytron themselves, just somewhat terse emails from “management”. Compare this to the Sophie Ellis Bextor response


ollieanders commented

Agreed. The Management updates are so vague


FDL commented

because there isnt any, the whole thing is a giany scam. Helen Marnie doesnt even exist

Paul Jones

Paul Jones commented

Ladytron where are you?????????

James Gathercole

James Gathercole commented

I guess I’ll have to regard the physical media I paid for as a write-off. The probability of my wishing to invest more of my money in Ladytron is low.
I except that the band are not primarily at fault for the problems with Pledgemusic’s financial problems, but when you are responsible for setting up this kind of project the onus is on you to check that the entities you are dealing with are financially sound.

W R Cook

W R Cook commented

The absence of updates, even if they were just to say "there is no new news" shows a lack of respect to the Pledgers