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Statement from Ladytron

We began our Pledge Music campaign around a year ago, and it worked well until it became apparent that the company had hit financial problems, which were not the responsibility of artists who had p...
AccessPass Update

Fulfillent Update Feb 11

Hi everyone, I thought I sent the message below to every Pledger as an Update on Saturday Feb 9. Apparently no one received it so here it is on the forum. Apologies if I hit the wrong setting. ...
AccessPass Update

Fulfillment Update

Hi everyone, You’re all wondering what the heck is going on with your orders. We only discovered yesterday that the unsigned good were not shipped to arrive on Feb 1 as had been arranged. We aske...
AccessPass Update

Pledge Relase Day / Shipping Schedule

Friday February 1st is Pledge Release Day! At 8am GMT everyone who Pledged can download the album. Pledge’s fulfillment company will ship orders of unsigned albums that didn’t include a t-shirt/ho...
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Ladytron Cassette Album

Who has a cassette player?? Because the album cassettes arrived today!! Four-panel full-colour j-card. Transparent green cassette shell.

We ordered a few extra so if you want one, they’re still some available.

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