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Clark Maides

Clark Maides commented

Any further update on CDs?

Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy commented

Hi Liam,

Any update on when I can get hold of the vinyl and deafen/convert the neighbours please ?


Colin Jeffrey

Colin Jeffrey commented

You have done it again Mr Frost!
It has been a while since your last album but it has been well worth the wait, it is fantastic.
From seeing you in York 2010 in front of a handful of people because of a cock up by the venue to a packed house at the deaf institute recently it's been a blast.
IMHO only Paddy Macaloon can hold a candle to you lyrically, thanks for three amazing albums.

Reg Lacey

Reg Lacey commented

How do matey.. Any news on when the gang vocals are getting done? Just need to figure out when to start warming up the ole vocal chords? :)

Neil Robert Burge

Neil Robert Burge commented

are you doing a vinyl and shirt package?

Karen Barnett

Karen Barnett commented

Tonight, you were awesome. Come on, everyone. Pledge again and help our Liam out x


Supermanfriday commented

Its my mate Matt's birthday today...and all he goes on about at work is YOU .. He's even contemplating pledging the hour acoustic gig ..but the thought of you playing to him , and him alone sat in his boxers in his front room makes him feel a little creepy ? ..
Please could you wish Matt Griffiths a Happy 32nd Birthday and if you do I will make a pledge...
Many Thanks

Ronan MacManus

Ronan MacManus commented

Is there a link to the tshirts?

Reg Lacey

Reg Lacey commented

Can i just check about the lyrics sheet, when you say a song of our choice.. would it be a song of our choice from the new album or any of your back catalogue?

Artist response
Liam Frost

Liam Frost commented

Any back catalogue whatsoever.

LF x