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Tree Larr

Tree Larr commented

Benji Rogers via Twitter DM just walked me through 1) actually getting back into the site and (IF you can't login.. contact him via Twitter! 2) how to cancel your pledge and (hopefully) get a refund). IF you can login. 1) Type into your browser bar (which brings you to "My Pledge Music" page. 2) Click red box "Contact us about this Pledge" (upper right corner I think) 3) In pop up window (or drop down menu?? sorry my notes are sh*t) click "My Question is About" 4) click "Changing or Cancelling my Pledge" 5) click I Still Have a Question" a pop up message box shows 6) type in "I AM CANCELLING THIS PLEDGE, AND AM REQUESTING A REFUND DUE TO THE CAMPAIGN BEING CANCELLED".

Chris Salter

Chris Salter commented

I'm aware of the problems at Pledge Music in so far as having read comments in another pledge and articles published in the music press. In the latter, I have learned that Pledge Music has advised artists to "suspend" campaigns and that Benji Rogers has returned to the company as a “volunteer strategic advisor”. Which leads me to ask, where does it say that Laurence Fox's campaign is cancelled? Anyone is free to ask for a refund form any campaign for any reason. However, shouldn't we wait to hear from Laurence Fox first, or do you know something I don't?

Dona Mae Feaster

Dona Mae Feaster commented

Why doesn't anyone CUT Prince Albert's horrid hair?
It makes me mad.
I vow to STOP WATCHING, but my husband a direct descendant of King Edward.
Also, I am interested in UK Royal Family... then & now.

Grayson Daughters

Grayson Daughters commented

Ruh roh. Ugly Bobby's (Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter: on the warpath about PledgeMusic now. His latest; partial:

"Fastball can't get paid.

I got a call from their manager Ron Stone today. The band was due their 20k on 1/1, Pledge said to wait a while, they'd dribble it out over time. And then when Ron pushed for the money, Pledge went silent, it's been three weeks now without a return phone call.

So obviously they don't have the money.

But Fastball has already spent most of it! Making product to fulfill their obligation to their fans who pledged. It's not Pledge's money, other than the small percentage the service takes as a fee. They hold the money as a fiduciary. But obviously they've spent it.

But Fastball is a small player in their ecosystem, what about the big acts? And do you mean to tell me you don't have $20,000?

This is just like those festivals that spend the ticket money and then go bust. Assuming the ticketing company coughs it up to begin with.

Then again, these entrepreneurs are not bankers, they've got an idea and...

If you don't have the money, you shouldn't be taking new clients. And if you don't have the money...where is the big windfall for Pledge Music gonna come from? They've got a fixed percentage, are they suddenly gonna get a zillion more acts so they can pay Fastball its measly 20k?

Or are they waiting for a buyout...

Well who is interested in this low margin business to begin with? And if the present executives can't make it work, why should someone with a deeper pocket be able to?

Or maybe Pledge just has incompetent executives. Well, aren't there investors who realize this?

Grayson Daughters

Grayson Daughters commented

Yeah, her voice. Wow! Not to detract from Mr. Fox's of course. But joining this Pledge is well work every penny (pence?) for that alone. Let alone the lyrics for this 1 song. But careful! I was so quick to join up with this barricade that for about 15-seconds or so I thought the copy on one of the offers/bonuses was that Laurence Fox would deliver the a signed CD to one's door... himself. Ahhh, wishful thinking/reading into things! Gets us every time.

Grayson Daughters

Grayson Daughters commented

Well WORTH every... meant to type. Need an edit function, PledgeMusic. I writer is nothing without an edit function. Delete ones? Even moreso.

Riitta Koivuranta

Riitta Koivuranta commented

I just pre ordered Discussion and it’s a wonderful song. Your voices sounds perfectly together.


Jessica commented

This was a wonderful. Hopefully my daughter and I can will be in England when you perform. Trying to expose her to good music which can be a challenge with a 10 year old :) goood luck to you.


Jessica commented

See you live. Stupid phone.