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Tiago Bravin

Tiago Bravin commented

Was looking forward to listening to your new album...
Don’t give up!

Michel Dumont

Michel Dumont commented

I’m very happy to know this !
I’m sure, You can reach your goal !

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle commented

Thanks for the update!

Amy Dixon Blackmon

Amy Dixon Blackmon commented

Can't wait for my two daughters, both performing musicians and songwriters, to have Skype lessons with you! Lucky girls.

Sean Huie

Sean Huie commented

Leigh! I just need to know if I should still buy tickets for the show on December 8th after I donated for the VIP. See you Saturday.

Robert MacDonald

Robert MacDonald commented

You know how much I love your voice, Leigh. I was looking at your last album and I told myself, "why couldn't that be me listed as a patron/supporter on the album?"

This year's bucketlist item for me is to be on one of my favorite singer's albums; yours.

Hope to see and hear you and Stephen again very soon at Jammin Java in Virginia.

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan commented

The fact that you were the soundtrack of my childhood and now in my adult life is wonderous. When I was younger (the 90s) being a gay youth was pretty terrible. Your music helped me get by. Now being an adult I’m still fortunate to have your music. Thank you for creating such beautiful art!

David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez commented

regarding the VIP concert experience - how many tickets come with this pledge? I'm guessing two?

Artist response

Leigh commented

4! Cool? Thanks!

Artist response
Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash commented

I can’t thank y’all enough for the support! It means so much. I’m going on 27 years I think- and I am honestly the most excited about the songs I’m writing now. So to have people engaged and excited honestly brings tears to my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you! Can’t wait to see y’all on the road very soon!

Chris Figueroa

Chris Figueroa commented

I was curious if the vip was just a quick meeting and picture. I know you hang around after the show most of the time, and I would hate to pay that much money for a picture and quick “hello” when others would be getting that for free after the show.

So I was curious if there was anything else on the vip side that made this a little unique? Maybe a vip laminate (I think that would be super awesome) or getting to hangout to visit before the show, or meeting for coffee for a half hour, or getting a private pre-show song or even getting to pick a song for the show? I definitely think something like that would totally elevate the experience.

Artist response
Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash commented

Hi! I agree, Chris! Great idea. I think a coffee would be great! And depending on the song- that would probably work too. What would you like to hear?

Chris Figueroa

Chris Figueroa commented

I cannot tell you how excited I am at the thought of getting to have coffee with you! Seriously a dream come true! As far as the song, I didn't know if, "need to be next to you" would be possible. That was my wife and mines first dance together at our wedding, and it always holds a special place to me.