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My new album Shadows is almost ready for you to hear. You inspired it, i created it for you!



Hello my darling Sugarbombs!

It’s been too long, i miss you. I’ve been working hard over the last year, not only as a new mum, but also writing and recording songs for my 3rd album, Shadows. This is a special collection of songs, little lullabies i’ve made to soothe myself, my son, and you as well.

It was a long process of experimentation, reflection and ‘feeling it out’. Now the music is complete and i’m almost ready to turn it over to you forever. I can’t wait to hear your response, as you’ve been a huge inspiration to me; your support and LOVE give me the strength and excitement to continue making music.

The final work that needs to be done is all about the visual element to the songs, which i hold so dear. I want to take you on the journey of creating these visuals and show you the process i undertake.

Here at PledgeMusic we will have a space to connect through the music and artworks. You’ll be the first to experience the new album Shadows and will have it before it’s available anywhere else!! There is also some other unique ways to be involved on the right --"

I’m so excited about this new aspect to the artist/fan experience and look forward to having some fun with you all over the next few months!

Lotsa love,

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AccessPass: Shadows


By pledging, you’ll get the new album as soon as it’s completed PLUS access to all of the exclusive updates featuring the making of the record.

Signed CD

Signed CD
All gone!

New album on CD. Signed by Lenka.

Baby Bib

Baby Bib
All gone!

Hand-printed Lenka Shadows baby bib, for your messy little sweetpea.

Hand-printed "Shadows" artwork

All gone!

Screen-printed limited edition “Shadows” album poster signed by Lenka.

Signed Vinyl

All gone!

Vinyl. Signed by Lenka.

Handwritten, decorated lyric sheet!!

Handwritten, decorated lyric sheet!!
All gone!

I will write the lyrics of any one song you choose and decorate the page for you!

Signed Vinyl + CD

All gone!

Both the signed vinyl and signed CD.

Super Signed Merch Bundle!!

All gone!

Signed CD, ‘Owl’ canvas tote bag, ‘Shadows’ poster, signed photo-card.

Skype chat

Skype chat
All gone!

20 minute video skype chat with Lenka! You can send questions before hand or request a singalong!

Mystery Craft #3 "Hair clip"

All gone!

I will conduct a craft workshop on video, showing some of my techniques. You can own a beautiful piece i made!!

Personalized ringtone or greeting

Personalized ringtone or greeting
All gone!

I will sing your ringtone or answering message with your name included!

Max 30secs long, give your name pronunciation phonetically for best results!

Will be sent as an MP3.

Super Fan Merch Bundle

All gone!

All 3 Lenka CDs signed, “Owl” tote bag, poster, signed photo card and an original hand-made set piece.

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