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"Magdalene" music video!

Help me to make my first-ever music video!


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This is a campaign to help me make my first-ever music video for “Magdalene”, the title track from my latest album.

This little song has changed my life. As most of you know, I have been finding out a lot about Mary Magdalene since I wrote it: in the summer of 2011 (right after Pledgers helped me release the album) I explored her sites in the south of France. When I was there, I found amazing things and made new friends. Then I went back in the summer of 2012, and found even more incredible stuff!

Needless to say, this song means a lot to me. I REALLY want to make a video for it, but I can’t do it on my own. If you can help me reach the target, we can make a beautiful video….and if we go over the target, we can even hire people to promote this video!

I know from personal experience how enthusiastic you guys can be, and I’m hoping that these incentives sound fun for you. Knowing you, I think we can make it happen. :) Thank you as always for all of your tremendous support!


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: "Magdalene" music video

"Magdalene" music video

Digital download (.MOV or Quicktime file) of the completed “Magdalene” music video, before it hits the web!

Signed DVD of the video


A signed DVD of the completed “Magdalene” music video. Packed, mailed, and sent to your address by Libbie.

Signed DVD with handwritten lyric sheet

12 left

You’ll get a signed DVD of the Magdalene video, and Libbie will also put in a handwritten note of the song with the lyrics. If you want a different song’s lyrics instead that’s fine too!

Signed DVD, "Magdalene" CD, and "Libbie Schrader" CD

45 left

A signed DVD of the “Magdalene” video, a signed “Magdalene” album, and a signed “Libbie Schrader” album. Packed, mailed, and sent to your address by Libbie.

Libbie Speaks in NYC (Music Video Premiere!)

19 left

Attend the video’s premiere in NYC, and hear Libbie speak about Mary Magdalene! Signed DVD included.

Pomona College (Libbie’s alma mater) has invited her to speak on her travels to France and the research she’s done about Mary Magdalene. The music video will premiere at this event and all Pledgers will get a signed DVD! Must be in NYC 12/9.

Name in the video credits, with signed DVD


Have your name appear in the “thank yous” of the video credits at the end. And of course Libbie will mail you a copy!

Song dedication


Libbie will dedicate a song to you at the next concert she plays in your city. You can choose the song, or else Libbie can surprise you!

Come to a rehearsal

3 left

Come to one of Libbie rehearsals! You’ll be able to see the way that Libbie interacts with her band members to get the sounds they want for shows. We’ll Skype you in if you don’t live in NYC.

Phone call from Libbie

10 left

I’ll call you for a chat about the video, and also my adventures in France!

Skype into the video editing process

5 left

Get a peek into the process of editing a music video! You can Skype in for a few minutes as we put the video together.

Personally dedicated video of any of Libbie's songs


Libbie will create a personal video, dedicated to you, of ANY of her songs that you like. (Yes, any song – you can even go back to the Think of England days!)

Drinks/coffee with Libbie

2 left

Libbie will go out to drinks or coffee with you, and she’d be happy to tell you all about her Mary Magdalene adventures! (If you aren’t in the same city as Libbie, you can also do a Skype session)

Piano or Songwriting lesson

5 left

Libbie will give you a piano lesson, or else give you feedback if you’re writing a song!

Dinner with Libbie

3 left

Libbie will take you and a friend out to dinner, and she’d be happy to tell you all about her Mary Magdalene adventures! (For people who can meet in New York City or Portland, Oregon ONLY)

House Concert in NYC area

5 left

Libbie will play a house concert for you in the NYC area. Invite your friends!

House concert in the Mid-Atlantic region

5 left

Libbie will play a house concert for you anywhere in the mid-Atlantic area (as far south as DC, as far north as Boston, as far west as Pittsburgh). Invite your friends!

House Concert anywhere in the USA

5 left

Libbie will play a house concert for you anywhere in the country on any weekend you like. Invite your friends and make a night of it! (Airfare not included)

Tour of secret Mary Magdalene spots in France next summer

3 left

Libbie takes you on a 5-day long tour of mysterious Mary Magdalene sites in the south of France. Most Americans don’t know about these places! August 2013. Airfare and accommodations not included :)

This pledge can be for a group of people.

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