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Daniel Buxton

Daniel Buxton commented

Lila when will be receiving the autographed CDS we ordered?

Jason Patten

Jason Patten commented

She had posted on her Facebook page that the Physical CDs came in and just waiting for the shirts and then will be mailing them out. I only ordered a CD so I hope to get it like in a week or two! Can't wait!

John Petithory

John Petithory commented

Hello Ms. Lila McCann. It is really great to see you back , and your new music sounds amazing. I can not wait to hear more and more from you. Keep up the great work. Oh Yeah I would so love to open for you when you start your concerts :) ( Hey a person can dream can't they :) ) Welcome Back

Garry Vasser

Garry Vasser commented

Hi Lila, Always wondered what happened to you; Always thought you had a very promising career. Let's do this !!

Nathan Tinsley

Nathan Tinsley commented

Hey Lila. Really excited for your new album. I would love learn more about what creative influences went into it and what it's about. Wish you the best. Happy Holdiays. Nathan

Hanley Hough

Hanley Hough commented

Hey Lila. So happy you are finally making new music. I got a signed cd. It will me my second thing I have signed by you. I have a 8 x 10 from back around the time something in the air came out that I received thru the fan club back then!

A Jinnie McManus

A Jinnie McManus commented

Hi Lila! I used to moderate your official message boards. So excited to finally hear new music!

Tay Keets

Tay Keets commented

I need a song wrote for me, I can sing just cant write anyone wanna write one for me real quick??


Crystal commented

Love the new xmas songs by the way, just got them, they are amazing, love them!


Crystal commented

I have been a huge fan of you ever since your first song and plan to be a fan forever, you are my idol, I ordered your new stuff can't wait to get it and listen to your new stuff, been waiting too long and I ordered some extra stuff too because you are just awesome and I want to help you get this new music of yours on a full length cd soon, let's get you to the top again!

Tim Kitchens

Tim Kitchens commented

Lila, I've been with you from the start, and I am honored to help you get this new project completed. I can't wait to get this new CD to add to my collection of your outstanding music.