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David Novice

David Novice commented

Are the track numbers messed up or is it something I did wrong?

Rudolf Horak

Rudolf Horak commented

I have tried emailing her management but no answer. Does Lindsey plan to re-release shattered album as a record? or her self titled album as a record?

Brayan López

Brayan López commented

Can’t wait for my signed vinyl!

Patrick McKibben

Patrick McKibben commented

This album sounded like an instant classic when I got it last year. And even though I’m kinda bummed I have to fully buy another album just to get a few more (good choice) songs I’m still getting it. I feel like as a commercial standpoint re-releasing this album keeps it feeling like a classic and not just looked over and washed down with the release of a completely new album the following year. I was wondering what Lindsey would be doing for Christmas this year and so I’m glad this album is getting another cycle for another Christmas. Hope to see videos for the new songs soon. Lindsey Stirling is just wonderful.

Haylee Ringgenberg

Haylee Ringgenberg commented

I was just about to order socks (there were 2 left) and then I asked my mom and they were gone!
Lindsey, if you see this, please get more socks!!!! ️

Daniel T Smith

Daniel T Smith commented

Bought the original/standard CD last year not knowing there would be a deluxe edition. Any chance of just purchasing the new songs?

Steve O'Neil

Steve O'Neil commented

2 questions.
Firstly can I buy the album and have it delivered to Australia?
Secondly, if I buy it on album, can I get it on MP3 also.
Previously there have been times when I've bought and LP that was advertised with an MP3 option and then found that the MP3 version was only included for north american customers.
Either way I want it to complete my Lindsey vinyl collection. :)

Richard Wojtaszak

Richard Wojtaszak commented

so yes pledgemusic will deliver to you in Australia, Im in the ACT. So i have muli buys from this site. Very good. As for the mp3's unless stated on the actual web site it self you should have received the mp3's from my music tab next to your round icon for your account :P

Beige McConaughey

Beige McConaughey commented

Is the $15 CD the original one, not the deluxe one? If so, is there a way to purchase a non-signed deluxe edition CD?

Elery Beale

Elery Beale commented

Target-Amazon will have them.

Norman Cruz

Norman Cruz commented

Target "Exclusive" version has 2 additional bonus tracks.

Kristen Selph

Kristen Selph commented

Lindsey just keeps getting better and better! I am so excited to see what she does next! Much love from Los Angeles!!

Ryan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert commented

Yay, Lindsey's back!!!! :D