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Debut EP!

We're releasing a new EP and need you to be a part of it!


of goal


It’s time…at last…it’s happening…. our debut EP! We’re so excited about these songs and can’t wait to share them with you. We want to do something special:

Join us in making this EP come to life! Your pledge will PRE-ORDER the new EP. Here at PledgeMusic, we can share in the making of the EP as well as well as in this fun list of stuff we’ve added on the right --" Through exclusive updates, you’ll get to check out the music as it’s being mixed, as well as check out videos of us on our upcoming tour which starts March 17th in Scottsdale, AZ.

Not only will we be creating some very special music together, but we’ll also be doing something very special for an amazing organization, World Cancer Research Fund.

Shea, Robert, Michael

10% of goal
5% post goal
10% of goal and 5% of any money raised after that will go to World Cancer Research Fund.

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  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
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AccessPass: Lolove Debut EP and U.S. Tour

Lolove Debut EP and U.S. Tour

By pledging, you’ll get the new EP download as soon as it’s completed PLUS access to all of the exclusive updates along the way.

New EP on CD


The new EP available on CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Signed CD

36 left

The new CD. Signed.

Signed Poster

28 left

Poster featuring new artwork from new album. Signed.

Exclusive T-Shirt


New design just for pledgers.

Disposable Camera

All gone!

An entire camera’s worth of unique pics taken from the studio and the road. This could be very interesting…

Signed EP + Signed Poster

23 left

Hand-painted drum sticks

All gone!

Used on the EP then retired to be painted on by our drummer, Mikey. Double Wemmy. (1 Pledge = 1 Pair)

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

18 left

The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD

20 left

You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. PLUS a signed CD.

VIP Concert Experience

10 left

You and a friend can come to sound check, the show and hang backstage. PLUS receive some signed merch.

Skype into a Rehearsal

7 left

Skype into a rehearsal for our Spring Tour and watch us work on new songs, and surprise covers for the shows.

Hand-painted broken cymbal

1 left

Used on our EP, and hand-painted by Mikey. We’ll frame it for you and write you a personalized note as well.

BBQ with the Band

2 left

We’ll cook and DJ, you eat and listen…AND we’ll give you cool stuff.
~ we will travel to you but the cost must be incurred by the Pledger ~ 2 hour drives from Los Angeles at no extra Pledge. ~

4'6"x 3' original painting - Signed

4'6"x 3' original painting - Signed
1 left

Painted by Mikey. Signed by the band, with a hand written note on the back.

Acoustic / Electric Bass - Signed

Acoustic / Electric Bass - Signed
1 left

An acoustic / electric UniVox bass from the 70s used on the new EP and signed by Lolove.

Acoustic / Electric Guitar - Signed

Acoustic / Electric Guitar - Signed
1 left

A Jay Turser Resonator acoustic / electric guitar used on the EP, and signed by Lolove.

Acoustic House Concert

5 left

Your place. We’ll play our new EP acoustically and then some. ~ travel is covered in the Pledge, but 1 hotel room is required 30 minutes from venue ~ U.S. mainland only for this Pledge. ~

Executive Producer Credit

1 left

The highest honor of them all…executive producer credit. You’ll appear in the album liner notes and on back of album with your new title.

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